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This page is written by the game's inventor, bp . This game is a favorite of its inventor.


The Evolutionary CHESS (micro)

The game was conceived in a train, not long after New Year's Eve, 2016. It was inspired by evolution in Nature. The idea is to refresh chess gaming experience by upgrading promotion, e.g. adding an evolution to the game.

The game has been played many times with friends and is proved to be fun and entertaining. The positions may become very sharp, and creative thinking is usually required.


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The game starts only with 8 Pawns and a King of each color on their standard chess positions.

echess diagram


The game essentially adds only two chess rules.

1. The First Evolutionary Addendum aka "To Minor Piece Promotion"

In addition to chess rules, Pawns may be promoted to minor pieces under the following conditions. After every N = 3 Pawn moves, the player gains the right to promote to a minor piece (a Knight or a Bishop) the last Pawn that moved. The pawn does not necessary need to be promoted, but then the right is lost and the counter N is reset to zero (N = 0).

2. The Second Evolutionary Addendum aka "To Rook Promotion"

After every K = 2 (non-Pawn) opponent piece captures, ANY player's minor piece on the board may be promoted to a rook (even if it wasn't the last piece to move). If there was no minor piece to be promoted, but the capture was made by a Pawn on the third Pawn move (N = 3), the Pawn may be promoted directly to a rook. If there was no "To Rook Promotion", the right is lost for the next K = 2 (non-Pawn) opponent piece captures (i.e. the counter K is reset, K = 0).



Playing EChess

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