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Card Bet Chess


Setup is same as normal chess, or you can use a Fischer Random setup.

Each player needs an equal number of poker chips to start with at the beginning of the tournament, and must ante 1 chip each at the beginning of the game.

Also you need a deck of cards. Shuffle the cards, and then give 4 face-down cards to each player and 4 face-up cards to each player. You can look at your own face-down cards but you are not allowed to look at opponent's face-down cards. Also deal 1 face-up shared card in the center.

The cards are:

  • 4 of each number 1-8
  • 4 of each letter a-h
  • 4 of each kind of piece in chess
There are 88 cards in total.


On each turn you must bet (like in poker) before making a move, or fold (resign).

Before moving, you must play a card, either a face-down card or face-up card or play the shared card. These are the kind of move you can make with a card:

  • Numbers 1-8: Make a move to or from that row.
  • Letters a-h: Make a move to or from that column.
  • Chess pieces: Make a move with that kind of piece, or capture a piece of that kind.
  • Castling can use any card.
  • Capturing opponent's king can use any card.
  • If you are in check, you can pay 5 chips to the center to use any card regardless of the move you are making.
  • You can pay 5 chips to the center to use any card for a pawn move.

After playing that card and moving the piece, discard the used card (in a discard pile), and draw a replacement card in the same space where the played card came from. If face-down, the new one is face-down, if face-up, the next one is face-up, if shared, the next one is also the shared card.

Instead of playing a card, you may pay 10 chips to the center to discard all of your 8 cards and get 8 more (4 face-down, 4 face-up), and then you must play a card, or pay 10 chips again to replace your cards again, and so on.

When draw pile is empty, shuffle the discarded cards to make the new draw pile.

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