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Stealth Ninja Chess

This page contains one or more presets for playing a game online with Game Courier, an online server for playing Chess variants by correspondence.

The game is played with rules identical to chess except for extended initial pawn move and en-passant rules, flexible castling and the new pieces. The optional drop rule allows one to add more pieces to the game during play.
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The extra pieces in middle of board will disappear after starting the preset.
Drop a piece as follows: GRY-a0 Where GRY represents the prefix of piece to be dropped and a0 represents the coordinate.

Preset for Stealth Ninja Chess

Click on link below to start the preset using secondary board. The icons in the middle of the board are for 4 Ninja Pawns, a Stealth Gryphon and Anti-Gryphon, and will dissappear when preset is started.

New Improved Preset: Play a game of Stealth Ninja Chess!

The icons used for the pieces are shown below
Ninja Pawn Like regular pawn but also moves 1 step sideways. Also, captures 1 step sideways in enemy territory.
Stealth Anti-Gryphon One orthogonal and at least 2 squares diagonally outwards.
Stealth Gryphon One diagonal and at least 2 squares orthogonal outwards.
Flying Bomber Piece from Birds and Ninjas used here only in experimental subvariation.
Super Cannon Subvariation only.
Insane Ninja Used with optional promotion rule only.

Game Logs and Samples

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The Battle Rages On
Black plays an unusual wing pawn defense and manages to get slightly the better of it, but White gets back into the game
A lot of fight left for both sides

A compound blunder
After getting tricked to lose a pawn, White blundered a knight away.
Then, White failed to see the threat to back rank.

Old Secondary Preset Click here to play a game of Stealth Ninja Chess!

Experimental Old only: Click here to Play Stealth Ninja Chess Using Alternative Board

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