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Shafran chess is a hexagonal chess variant played on a 70 hexagonal cells board.

Initial setup

The board is made up with 9 vertical files ('a' to 'i') and 10 diagonals.

Each player commands 18 pieces

When a player looks at the board, the right side is called his Bishop's flank (B), and the left side his Queen's flank (Q).

Pieces moves

The King

The Queen

The Bishop

The Rook

The Knight

The Pawn

For its first move, the pawn can reach the middle of the board. This means for 'd', 'e' and 'f' files from 1 to 3 steps, for 'b', 'c', 'g' and 'h' files, from 1 to 2 steps, for 'a' and 'i' files, 1 step.

After first move, classical one step moves.

See crosses for captures.

"En passant" captures apply for 2 or 3 steps first moves.


"En passant" capture: yes.

Stalemate is a draw.

Castling: yes, can be short or long for both Queen's or Bishop's rook (see below).


Rules by Isaak Grigorevich.

Jocly implementation