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Holy Grail

This page contains one or more presets for playing a game online with Game Courier, an online server for playing Chess variants by correspondence.

Holy Grail is a 104 square board variant with 2 new pairs of short range leaping pieces that allows either side to drop 4 ninja pawns, the Mutating Serpent and the Crown Prince.
The Mutating Serpent can on any move change to one of several different piece types.
The Crown Prince can become king if its king is checkmated, and now the opposite side must checkmate this new king to win.
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The extra pieces in middle of board will disappear after starting the preset.
Drop a piece as follows: ~X-e0 Where ~X here represents the prefix of piece to be dropped.

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Logs of Holy Grail

The following pieces are dropped during the game.

Ninja Pawn (4)
Can be optionally pushed forward on same move.
Crown Prince (1)
One Mutating Serpent.
It must take the form of one of the mutations below.
Below are the Mutations of the Serpent
Stealth Anti-Gryphon
Stealth Gryphon
Flying Bomber
Below are some optional mutations. Both players must agree to use these.
Insane Ninja/Insane Ninja Ice Queen
Buffalo (knight, camel, zebra)

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