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Dr. Who Chess

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This variant differs from standerd chess only with the inclusion of 2 new pieces: Dr. Who and his Tardis.

Dr. Who starts within his Tardis, on square d4. (The Tardis is notated D and Dr. Who is notated C)

On a player's turn, he can do one of 3 things:

1. Move Dr. Who out of or into the Tardis (he cannot capture a piece on this move.)

2. Make a normal move and/ or move the Tardis (This prevents pieces from becoming lost in time)

3. Move a piece into or out of the Tardis

The Tardis can move to any empty square, or travel through time, explained later. A piece moves into the Tardis through a normal move, and can be in it without Dr. Who (However, the Tardis cannot move) Dr. Who can move out of the Tardis on any square around the Tardis, and moves like a King. The Tardis cannot capture or move without Dr. Who and a piece of your colour, and neither can:

1. Move to the square it was just on

2. Be captured

Any piece can move into the Tardis, and is safe (However, only one can be in it at a time).

For the Tardis to travel through time:

1. Dr. Who must be in it

2. It cannot travel more than 10 moves in any direction

3. A piece other than Dr. Who must be in it

4. A piece of the same colour can travel back only 2 times

5. Bishops can change colour, Pawns can come out on 1st or 8th rank, anc can promote or gain a 3-step movement, subject to en passant anywhere along the way

6. It cannot land on a piece

7. It cannot make 2 time travels in a row, meaning White travels, Black and White cannot travel, then Black can travel

8. The King cannot time travel

All other rules are the same as Standard Chess remember, Dr. Who and his Tardis don't belong to either side, and neither can be captured, although Dr. Who can capture.

Two more rules:

You cannot move Dr. Who or the tardis directly after it is moved. You must wait 2 turns for each player, which means if White moves it, Black can move it on his/her 3rd turn. Also, a piece can be "Kicked out" of the Tardis by a piece of a different color IF the piece being kicked out has been in there for more than 2 turns. otherwise, a Queen can stay safe until needed, and never be captured. However, the piece is not captured, just moved out of the Tardis. The player who kicked out the piece chooses where it ends up (Must be adjacent to the Tardis)

Notation: entering the Tardis: (Piece)- // Into the Tardis! Tardis travel: D-(Square) Tardis Time Travel: D- // (Foward or backward) to move ________ exiting the Tardis: (Piece)- (Square) // Out of the Tardis!

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Dr. Who Chess

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