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Castle Chess

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In Castle Chess the king may, optionally, jump three squares when castling, but it can also jump two as usual. The rook ends up on its usual square. This change greatly enlarges the opening tree as many more opening variations become practicable. The longer jump of the king is useful in most variants with queenside castle. At kingside castle, it is sometimes worthwhile to place the king on a more protected square. This ought to be useful, for instance, in King's gambit variations. However, one must keep in mind that the king is removed farther from the centre, and the king no longer protects the vital f2/f7 square. Sometimes it's better to castle normal.

The king may optionally jump three squares when castling.

In an alternative variant (featured in this preset) the pawn, on the seventh rank, has an additional forward capture-capability. The revised pawn, provided that it has reached the seventh rank, can also capture forwards. Due to this, passed pawns are now more dangerous. In Castle Chess with revised pawn, drawish endgames will occur less often. Many theoretical endgames that have hitherto been drawn are now won. The additional capture-capability will also have an impact in the middlegame.

Unlike in regular chess, this position is won
regardless who makes the first move.

The following preset makes a validity check of moves. Moves are automated. You can move pieces by clicking on them. At promotion you will be asked what piece you prefer.

Note! If the players prefer normal pawn rules they can agree to play without the revised pawn rule, although the preset allows forward capture at the seventh rank.

Castle Chess (big graphics)

Castle Chess (small graphics)

You can also download a Zillions implementation here.

See also Revised Chess.

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