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Optimum design of a Chess variant

Important characteristics of a Chess game are:

1. Pieces influence (for example, on the centre of the empty Chess board).

2. The sizes of a Chess board (8x8,10x10,10x12 and so on).

3. Pieces density on the all of the board.

4.At last, a choice of an ideal Chess game for comparison purposes.

Naturally our choice depends on our aesthetic or practical needs. Below are shown the methods of designing new Chess variants similar to the chosen "conditional ideal".

For any Chess variants it is possible to define:

S = (P.I./F.S.B.)N,

P.I. - Pieces Influence (White or Black) on the center of the board,

F.S.B. -Quantity of free squares of all board in the begining of the game, f.exp. for Orthodox Chess it is = 32.

N = (Total squares of the new board / total squares (f.exp.) of the Orthodox Chess board) - Factor considering geometry of the boards.

S - A parameter of similarity. Example. For Orthodox Chess S = (P.I./F.S.B.) = 97/32 = 3.03

The parameter (Snew) for new variants must be ( for example, 10x10)

Snew = SxN = 3.03x(100/64) = 4.65 or for board 8x14(Alekhine Chess) Snew = 3.03x(112/64) = 5.3, or for Shantrandj Snew = 3.03x(64/64)=3.03 and so on.

If for new variants will be (SxN = Snew), then this game will be similar to the Orthodox Chess and so on.

This is not something the absolute "true idea", it is just reflection about opening setup of a Chess games. I hope in future discussions we can find the "truth".


Some examples: 1. For Azchess Pieces influence on the centre = 215. Free squares = 58. Then, 215/58= 3.707. It is not similar to the Classic Chess because 3.03(for Classic Chess)x100/64 = 4.73. The 4.73 is not equal to 3.707. 2.For Demon game pieces influence on the centre =301. Free squares =52. Then 301/52=5.79. It is not equal to a Classical Chess because 4.73 is not equal to 5.79. 3. Azsymchess (with Cannons), influence on the centre =251. Free squares =54. Then 251/54=4.65. It is a little similar to 4.73. For Alekhine Chess pieces influence are 294. Free squares are 56. Then 294/56 = 5.25. It is more equal to Classical Chess. Because, 3.03x112/64 = 5.3 is almost equal to 5.25. In any way, the most important thing for us is a choice of an ideal Chess game for comparison.

Using above mentioned idea we can design many games similar to a beforehand choosing game for exp. an Orthodox Chess, Demon Game, EurAsian Chess and so on.

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By Namik Zade.
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