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Balbo's Chess

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The Inventor of the game is M. Balbo.

This is a modification of of the existing Variants game Balbo's Chess.

The Original code at Chess Variant seemed wrong to me. I am saying this based on the original instructions that I read, and the way the chess board appears in the Original version. The Original version does not have that slanted (turn 90 degrees) board.

This is my attempt to fix the Original, and add legal moves and checkmate. I think the issue is fixed.

The code is a clone of Fergus chess3 engine.

Note: If the pawn goes way over to the side, and hits the last square it will promote to a Queen. I do not think the original did that. I do not think this is a major issue, but just a FYI.



Standard Chess pieces. Due to the design of the board the bishops now have a stronger attack value vs. Rooks.


Standard Chess Rules. Pawn promotion occurs when you hit the end of the board.


See addition notes for Balbo's chess at the game called Balbo's Chess.

Play the game here

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Author: wdtr2. Inventor: M G Balbo.
Web page created: 2017-11-14. Web page last updated: 2017-11-14