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Yalta - A Three Player Chess Variant


I bought a small book in a chess-book store in Paris about 18 years ago that included a 3-person chess game called YALTA (A good name, I think). The board looked like the following:

Yalta board
(Graphic by Daniel Lindstrvm)

Unfortunately, I lost the book on the game over the years, but I think this game is more about group dynamics, preferably together with a couple of beers, than as a serious competition.


The moves are the same as for orthodox chess, except:


Later, Daniel Lindstrvm added:

If you, in a "check-situation", put the player to the right in check and the player to your left also checks the poor guy, and he cannot move, it must be the first check that makes him mate.

If the guy to your left instead checks YOU, I think it might be a good time to start some serious negotiations!!

Starting position
(Pieces added by David Howe)

This text was written by Daniel Lindstrvm ((email removed contact us for address) and slightly edited and reformatted for HTML by David Howe.
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