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BlindChess for DOS is intended for blindfold chess training. But it can also be set to show the board. The program will also work under all Windows versions. If you own PocketDOS it will run on your palmtop device. It works finely on my Casio BE-300. You input moves at the command prompt by typing, e.g., 'g1f3'. Whenever you want you can display an ascii diagram of the board position. The program's response time depends only on the setting of search depth. On a modern computer, it replies instantaneously at 5 ply, which is the default setting. It is a minimax brute force program, with some positional intelligence, which is good enough for blindfold chess. The three-time repetition rule is not enforced, otherwise it's a fully adequate chess program. The program also supports Chess256.

See also my Game Courier presets.

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