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EDILÁN has available facsimiles of many of the books of King Alfonso X, including his book on chess and other games (which includes two chess variants). See our pages on Grande Acedrex and Four seasons Chess.

About EDILÁN (from their web site):

EDILÁN, assuming the recommendations risen at the 19th Congress of the International Union of Editors, held in Paris in May 1972, started in 1974 a project with the aim of co-operating in the preservation and dissemination in facsimile of this important legacy, taking part in the restoration and latter reproduction in facsimile of some of the most remarkable medieval codices, from Spain as well as from other European countries, thus enabling their coming out of ostracism and their approach to experts and art lovers in the whole world. With this purpose, EDILÁN is a member of Concentus Libri, Bibliophile Association of Spain.

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