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Turkish Great Chess, variation V

By John Ayer



This is a large Chess variant using three new pieces, the Rhinoceros, the Gazelle, and the Great Ferz. The inventor is unknown.


The board is thirteen squares by thirteen, uncolored (it is checkered in this graphic for ease of illustration). White's first rank (and probably Black's, too), left to right, is Rook, Knight, Bishop, Rhinoceros, Gazelle (here illustrated as a Giraffe), Great Ferz (here illustrated as a Chancellor), King, Queen, Gazelle , Rhinoceros, Bishop, Knight, Rook. The Pawns are placed on the fourth rank, and have only single moves. 



The Pawn promotion rule is unknown. There is no castling, and a stalemated player loses.

Computer Play

You can also play this game by email, using the web-based Play by Mail system on this site. Start here.


 Play by Mail preset and Chess board illustration made using the Play by Mail system, by Tony Quintanilla.