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Turkish Great Chess, variation VI

By John Ayer



This game was communicated to John Gollon by the same Savio Cagliostro who invented Cagliostro's Chess. He was unable to supply any prior documentation. John Gollon thought Cagliostro had probably invented it himself. It is, of course, none the worse if that is true. 


The board is ten squares by ten. Each player's first rank, from left to right, is Rook, Knight, Bishop, Archbishop, General, King, Queen, Bishop, Knight, Rook. 


  • The Archbishop moves as Bishop or Knight. 
  • The General moves as Rook, Bishop, or Knight. 
  • The Pawns, starting on the second rank, may move one, two, or three squares on the first move, and en passant capture is possible at either juncture. 


The standard rules of Chess apply except that a stalemated player loses.

Computer Play

You can also play this game by email, using the web-based Play by Mail system on this site. Start here.


 Play by Mail preset and Chess board illustration made using the Play by Mail system, by Tony Quintanilla.