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This page is written by the game's inventor, Sidney LeVasseur.

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George Duke wrote on 2005-03-24 UTCGood ★★★★
'JKL,LargeCV': King's Court, 'advanced chess,' is not Kasparov's Advanced Chess, because the latter merges man and machine. These Jesters are not just-reviewed Jester Chess' Jester, which mimics the last opponent's move's method. Jester here simply steps one or two diagonal to ferz, dabbabah or alfil locations, therefore being two-path(ipso facto multi-path)to dabbabah ones. Visualize the two paths to get used to multi-path pieces. These Chancellors are not Chancellor Chess Chancellors, which as (R+N) are just Marshalls commonly. Instead Chancellors here are restricted, or limited, Queens going one or two steps radially, plus Knights in option. KC has close to Falcon Chess(patent year 1996) method of free castling, though not necessarily allowing the final step to Rook adjacency before the Rook over-step. Add King's flight from the potentially suffocating Chancellor, nice board size 8x12, and otherwise standard features, and King's Court rises to the level of pretty Good. No boring unoriginal, awkward overused Marshalls(R+N) and Cardinals(B+N) here.

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