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David Paulowich wrote on Fri, Dec 3, 2004 11:24 PM UTC:

Lions and Unicorns Chess: Inventor's Comments

The Game of Jetan or Martian Chess is highly original. I was especially impressed by the way 8 'Pawns' (Panthans) and 12 stronger pieces were placed in the initial setup on a 10x10 board. Eventually I came up with the idea of placing the Knights on a2, j2, a7, j7 on a 10x8 board. This gave me room to place LRCBQKBURL on the first and eighth ranks. While the Knights may take longer to reach the central squares, they do have the option of leaping to the fourth rank on their first move. Castling still involves moving the king two squares towards a rook and then leaping the rook over the king. But there really is no safe place for your King on the board when the opposing army has 4 powerful leapers added to the standard 16 pieces! You can expect short games with sharp tactical play.

Piece values will be different than those I proposed for Unicorn Great Chess, as the board is smaller. Pawns are more dangerous when there are only eight ranks. I have decided to limit Pawn promotion to Chancellors, Queens, and Unicorns (only) in all three variants with Unicorns. PBM presets for Unicorn Great Chess and Lions and Unicorns Chess are available for use. Enjoy!

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