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George Duke wrote on Wed, May 7, 2014 07:12 PM UTC:
The article points out there were annual tournaments of Progressive in current-news Ukraine at turn of millennium -- as well as Russia, Czech Republic, and Poland.  Then Glinksi was Polish,, though he perfected the leading hexagonal Chess in England.

Then next the above mentioned Czech Republic is precisely the country where Bughouse thrives,, as "over the board" section documents.  In that wikipedia, Hungarian-born Susan Polgar intones old-guardedly, "If your children want to play bughouse just for fun, it is OK.  But just remember that it is not Chess and it has no positive value for Chess."  Belying that attitude, there is Russian trainer's skill-shaping invented CV:  Think rather than memorize, said Romanchenko: /play/erf/Romanche.html.

Tellingly Betza justifies in Chigorin,, that you cannot get scared novices interested, like these "grand-masters," without putting up only standard comfort-zone Bishops, Knights, Rooks, Queens.

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