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Joe Joyce wrote on 2008-04-08 UTC
Now we are 8. :-) Great!
The first game I'd like to bring is the original Grand Shatranj. After
that, I'm having a hard time deciding, and am getting darned greedy. And
Atlantean Barroom Shatranj should be a quicker game than Great Shatranj. 

Was going to stop right there, but Lemurian Shatranj would also be faster
than Great Shatranj, and now I've already mentioned 4 games. So I'd drop
Great Shatranj [and mention Joshua Morris' Kozune]... help!

I'm guessing we might change our picks before the veto period begins, and
maybe we could put this on a wiki page. [Especially if it's to be an IAGO
World Tour event, it should/*has to* have its very own page. I believe
this event would be considered a Chessvariants Email Athlon Event - the
first ever.] Anyway, my choices [for now, anyhow] are:
 Atlantean Barroom Shatranj 
 Grand Shatranj D 
 Lemurian Shatranj


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