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juan rodriguez wrote on 2008-03-27 UTC
I like the idea as originally conceived, each player brings one game, any
working game, self invented or not.  I'm definetly in on those terms, or
any other reasonable ones, but like Je Ju, i've never invented so can't
bring an original to the table.  Sorry for the late chime in, this tourney
idea will keep me more glued to the site now. So, Yes I'm in!

Had an idea though, for another tournament to take place AFTER this one. 
Since there are several inventors out there who are versed in creating
games and then a smattering of us that have no clue where to begin, I'd
like to suggest an Inventor/Apprentice opportunity.  The way it would work
(and please feel free to add or change, or disregard entirely) is that each
non-inventor would be paired with an inventor.  This could be done
randomly, alphabetically, or by choice, i don't so much care one way or
another.  Once the pairs are made, each pair would hit the drawing board,
bouncing ideas back an forth to create a game.  The non-inventor could
provide keen ideas and tactical support while the inventor could provide
keener ideas and technical support.  There would be a time limit, of
course, perhaps 2 weeks, one month, i'm really not sure how long this
sort of thing takes.  At the completion of that time period however, a
tournament would commence involving games that each team has just
completed and brought.  Each team playing as individuals and as a team, in
the manner of pooling points. 

Like I said, this would have to take place, AFTER the tournament suggested
but I think its a good way to recruit more inventors and more interest to
the whole CV site.

Good Luck all!

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