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Gary Gifford wrote on 2006-07-12 UTC
So far I have received no correct solutions to Problem # 7.  The
previous 6 problems had been solved within a day or two after posting...
so maybe this one is too hard... but let me assure you, it is not actually
hard, but it is very different from the others. I will provide a hint
below.  Unless anyone wants more time I will post the solution on July

Hint:  Unlike previous problems, this one actually takes several moves and
involves manuevering in Dimension X.  The problem begins with a shown pawn
move for White, and then Black can win regardless of what White does, if
he (or she) uses the proper technique.

Note: Since the diagrams from problems 1 through 6 have been removed for
bandwidth help, I will try to use Forsythe text descriptions and re-add
them in text format (sometime before the weekend).  I believe the problems
(along with Tom's analysis) are a good teaching aid to this game.

Best regards. gkg

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