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Extinction chess is a game information page. It is categorized as: Two dimensional.

Extinction chess. Win by making your opponents pieces of one type extinct. (8x8, Cells: 64) (Recognized!)

Author: Hans L. Bodlaender and Antoine Fourrière. Inventor: R. Wayne Schmittberger.


Extinction chess, invented by R. Wayne Schmittberger, is like chess, but the exchange of a single piece can already be fatal: a player loses when all his pieces of a type are taken. This creates a very lively game, where every move counts even more than in orthodox chess. The game is popular in NOST. The game rewards strong combinatorial play.

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The board used for this game has 8 row(s), 8 column(s), 64 cells/squares.
This game is a 2 player game.

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  • Heraldic Extinction Chess. Win by taking a pair of pieces that started on the same line in the opening setup. (8x8, Cells: 64) By Hans L. Bodlaender.
  • Heraldic Extinction Chess. Win by capturing any piece plus its pawn. Author: Ed Friedlander.
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