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Index E to Man and Beast

Each entry starts with the name or prefix in capitals, linked to the Piececlopedia page if an established piece, followed by the plural in plain text if irregular. Then comes the geometry, with a link to the Man and Beast page - square also covers cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism, all covers those plus 2d hex and 2d/3d pentagonal ones, and hex covers xyrixa/hex-prism. Then comes the definition in plain text. The name's origin, if more than random and neither a Piececlopedia piece nor obvious, is in italics. Compounds of two oblique leapers always have one of a set of endings designed to avoid duplicate names for mixed-range and part-symmetric versions. Unless specified as royally-restricted a piece is capturable. The phrase "capturing as" means exclusively unless prefixed with "also". When a move can be "repeated" it means without capturing on any but the last instance. DQR stands for Defaulting to Queen (square) or Rook (hex). Names combining component names are marked ¢. FO pieces' symmetric counterparts are marked §.

New in 2016 under this letter: English- and Every- pieces

The acknowledgments, overview, and glossary to the series can be found here.


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EAGERNESS cubic Agronome+Emonorga ¢.
EAGLE cubic Falcon+Vulture+Kite, as most celebrated of the birds of prey.
EANDYMAN Eandymen square Egg+Eump, extrapolated from Handyman.
EARL cubic/hex synonym for Count, as title and piece.
EARLY-HOPPING piece all one requiring, for some or all moves, an intervening piece at the end of the first step or leap.
EARLY-OVERTAKING piece all one able to capture an intervening piece at the end of the first step or leap.
EARTH square Venus+Mars, in conjunction with other astronomical names.
EBBING, EBBINGSTONE cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Sling+Elk, Slingstone+Antler ¢.
ECCENTRIC square symmetric 11:10 leaper, having run out of "commoners spiritual" with Verger I switch to thinking of the Bishop piece in its French/Greek "fool" sense.
ECHELON cubic Exorcist+Opossum ¢.
ECHIDNA square King capturing as Fezbaba, can also be seen as Denethor+Stevedore, from Outback Chess.
EDABBABA cubic Dabbaranker+Elephfiler, extrapolated from Brook.
EDGEHOG piece DQR all one that must always either start or end its move on the edge of the board.
EDNOWER cubic 6:5:1 Curved linepiece on 6-stage circuit, reversing first 2 consonants of Endower as more euphonious than Dneower.
EDYBBUK cubic Edabbaba+Eunuch, adding initial of Elk.
EFE cubic Queen+Fencer, extrapolated from Ace.
EFFAD cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Effarig+Blotch, short for Effarigged Dryad.
EFFARIG cubic symmetric 4:3:3 leaper, xyrixa dual to cubic Fencer, Giraffe for dual of symmetric 5:3 reversed.
EFFECT cubic/hex Key+Trechick, by analogy to Frock, Toke, Nuke.
EFROPOLIS square Rook+Feu, extrapolated from Acropolis, Activist, Actor, Actress.
EFT cubic/hex Eunuch+Trebuchet, by analogy to Frog, Toad, Newt.
EFROPOLIS, EFTIVIST, EFTOR, EFTRESS square Rook+Feu, Unicorn+Feu, Bishop+Feu, Queen+Feu, extrapolated from Acropolis, Activist, Actor, Actress.
EGG square FO 7:6 leaper with the 7 specifically orthogonal, from the one that a Curate § is said to have described as "good in parts".
EGGTOOTH square Dabchrider+Tusk, from the organ that a hatching chick to break te eggshell.
EGOIST hex-prism Dabchrider+Clerk.
EHARPY cubic Brook+Csimurgh, adding initial of Epicure.
EHSAYER hex-prism Queen+Heffalump, a desperate choice but one to match the likes of Ace, Acme, and Eluder.
EHEU cubic Heptagram+Hemel, a Latin exclamation of sorrow, another desperate choice to get a triangulator name with a suitable start and end.
EIGHTLEAPER hex-prism Cubbaba+Safter+Cornettist+Bicobbler, as the compound of all pieces with leap length 8.
EINSTEIN piece all one which changes a piece that it hops into another piece type in a prescribed order.
EJECTOR piece all one capturing any piece adjacent to the start of its move
ELALIBABA hex-prism Eudabbaba+Elephant, adding first two letters of Elk.
ELAND cubic xyrixa/hex-prism Knight+Elf, in conjunction with other ungulate names for Knight compounds with oblique leapers.
ELDER square Mitre+Saltire, as underling of Moderator §.
ELEPHANT square symmetric 2:2 leaper, also known by the Arabic phrase Alfil, or stepper, also known by the Chinese name Xiang.
ELEVATOR square Blotch+Haste, referring to moving to great heights at speed.
ELEVENLEAPER cubic Eloper+Enabler, as the compound of all pieces with leap length 11.
ELF Elves cubic symmetric 3:1:1 leaper, xyrixa/hex-prism dual to cubic Lecturer, symmetric 2:root 7 leaper, as a mythical being that is also German for its SOLL of 11, by analogy to Sexton.
ELFCRAB hex-prism Cloak+Cloakreservist+Cloakshelterer, extrapolated from Sencrab.
ELIMINATOR cubic Tank+Elf, as someone either literally, like the Marksman, or metaphorically, like the Accountant and Actuary, gunning for people.
ELIXIR cubic Elf+Eloper ¢. ,tr>
ELK cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Elephant+Eunuch ¢.
ELLESIG cubic Effarig+Epoletna, Giselle for Giraffe+Antelope reversed.
ELLIPSOID cubic Expounder+Ultimatum ¢.
ELONGPLAYER cubic Longpranker+Expoufiler, extrapolated from Brook.
ELOPER cubic symmetric 7:6:6 leaper, xyrixa dual of symmetric 12:7:7 leaper, from its leap length being firstly an integer, like the Antelope's, and secondly the square of the Elf's.
ELROPOLIS, ELTIVIST, ELTOR, ELTRESS square Rook+Lefanu, Unicorn+Lefanu, Bishop+Lefanu, Queen+Lefanu, extrapolated from Acropolis, Activist, Actor, Actress.
ELUDER cubic xyrixa/hex-prism Queen+Elf, as one skilled - perhaps to the point of being an ace - at avoiding capture.
ELYSIUM cubic Lecturer+Eloper ¢.
EMBANK, EMBANKTURRET cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Tank+Eunuch, Tankturret+Key ¢.
EMERALD hex Warrant+Investigator, in conjunction with Emerald and Sapphire, adding yellow of Goldgeneral of which chevron analogue to blue common to all.
EMIR hex-prism Premier+Addax, by analogy to Pasha.
EMISK square FO 11:11 leaper, extrapolated from Emitter § and Tusk.
EMISSARY hex-prism Spokesman+Addchick, by analogy to Pashtun.
EMITTER square symmetric 11:11 leaper.
EMONORGA cubic symmetric 8:4:3 leaper, Agronome for symmetric 8:5 reversed.
EMPEROR 3d General+Ferz+Viceroy, more powerful version of king.
EMPRESS cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Rook+Bishop+Unicorn, more powerful version of queen.
ENABLER, ENACHICK square symmetric 11:0 leaper, FO 11:0 leaper, second extrapolated from first and Dabchick.
ENCROACH Pentagonal Meander+Saltire, as use of moving sharing Elder's initial.
ENDCARIBOU, ENDGAMEWARDEN square Caribou+Cobbler, Gamewarden+Quibbler, adding in the "ends" of the diamond shapes whose sides the unprefixed compound's destination delineate, inspired by the second as a pun on "endgame".
ENDLESS cubic Epoletna+Namel ¢.
ENDOWER cubic symmetric 6:5:1 leaper, hex-prism symmetric 5:root 37 leaper, in conjunction with other imparters of care, wisdom, or religion for even-SOLL cubic leapers, especially Avower for other leaper with SOLL 62.
ENDSWAN, ENDTRAMPLER square Swan+Settler, Trampler+Bitrebuchet, adding in the "ends" of the diamond shapes whose sides the unprefixed compound's destination delineate, inspired by Endgamewarden.
ENDYMION, ENDYMIONBALL cubic/hex Cannon+Eunuch, Cannonball+Key ¢.
ENFOLD hex-prism 30° Wazir-Corpse alternator, EMD Entrapwise.
ENFORCER cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Governor+Highhorse, as a powerful compound piece.
ENGINEER cubic 55° Wazir-Viceroy planar piece, as stronger version of the Navvy.
ENGLISHBOY, ENGLISHGIRL, ENGLISHMAN Englishmen, ENGLISHWOMAN Englishwomen hex-prism Restless+Welshboy, Gardener+Restless+Welshboy, Wrestler+Welshman, Guardian+Wrestler+Welshman, adding corresponding pieces in Bishop directions to Welsh- pieces.
ENIGMATIST cubic Epirts+Nabber ¢.
ENIV cubic FO 4:3:2 leaper, hex-prism FO 4:root 13 leaper, Vine for FO 5:2 reversed.
ENLARGER cubic Expander+Extender, EMD Playfulnesswise, covering both forms of enlargement.
ENT hex-prism 69° Crooked Wazir-Elephant alternator, EMD Elfwise.
ENTHUSIAST cubic/xyrixa Subordinate+Nerve.
ENTMOOT cubic/hex-prism Endower+Vacillator ¢.
ENTRAP hex symmetric root-61 pure-hex leaper, from sharing SOLL of Nosrap.
ENTREPOT cubic Exorcist+Ultimatum ¢.
EOHIPPUS hex-prism 73° Crooked Wazir-Viceroy alternator, EMD Knightwise.
EORLING, EORLINGSTONE cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Sling+Elephant, Slingstone+Tusk ¢.
EPICURE cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Bishop+Celebrant, as one who especially enjoys celebrations.
EPIRTRUP cubic Epirtrider+Stripe, short for Epirtriding Splitup.
EPIRTS cubic FO 4:3:1 leaper, Stripe for dual of FO 5:1 reversed.
EPOLETNA cubic symmetric 5:4:3 leaper, hex-prism symmetric 7:1 leaper with the 7 specifically hex-oblique, Antelope for symmetric 4:3 reversed.
EPSAYER hex-prism Queen+Prefect, extrapolated from Ehsayer.
EQUERRY hex-prism Unicorn+Bucephalus, a horsy rôle for a Unicorn compound to go with Oxherd for a Dicorn one.
EQUIADVANCER piece DQR all one capturing a piece by moving exactly halfway to it.
EQUIBANDERSNATCH piece DQR all one requiring a piece to move exactly twice as far away from, in the same direction.
EQUIHOPPER piece all one requiring an intervening piece halfway along some or all moves, which must therefore be an even number of steps or leaps. Accoring to its page it defaults to all directions rather than just orthogonal and SD.
EQUIJABBERWOCK piece DQR all one requiring a piece to which it moves exactly halfway, with no piece in between except an optional enemy at the destination that it would capture.
EQUIJUBJUB piece DQR all one that can move as an Equibandersnatch or an Equijabberwock.
EQUIOVERTAKING piece all one able to capture an intervening piece halfway along an even-length move.
EQUIVOCATOR cubic symmetric 8:8:3 leaper, for its combination of first consonant and vowel not previously used.
EQUIWITHDRAWER piece DQR all one capturing a piece by retreating to twice as far away from it in the same diecruption.
ERE cubic Queen+Rector, extrapolated from Ace.
EREDINAL cubic Apostle+Certor, turning Rerdinal=Bishop+Rector inside out.
EREPENTER xyrixa/hex-prism Certor+Badbaba, turning Rerpenter=Rector+Dabbaba inside out.
ERLF hex-prism Cloak+Cloakrevisionist, extrapolated from Crab.
EROS square piece making Wazir step preceded by optional Tusk leap, as a Mars crosser, in conjunction with other astronomical names.
ERTBIZOND, ERTBUCHET hex Ertbuchet+Mozbie, 3-step Curved linepiece on 6-stage circuit, reversing first 3 letters of Trebizond and Trebuchet whose Curved rider they are.
ESCROW, ESCROWHEAD cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Arrow+Eunuch, Arrowhead+Key ¢.
ESME cubic Queen+Sexton, extrapolated from Acme.
ESON cubic FO 6:4:3 leaper, xyrixa dual of cubic Stare, Nose for FO 6:5 reversed.
ESQUIRE square Cross capturing as Dabchick, as next social rank above Yeoman for Cross capturing as Point.
ESTATE cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Pocket+Elk, in conjunction with other "near-castles" Mansion and Outpost for enhanced Pockets.
ESTELLE cubic Expounder+Opossum ¢.
ESTONIAN cubic xyrixa Eson+Stare ¢.
ESTUARY cuhic/xyrixa Tank+Sexton, extrapolated from Actuary.
ESUDER xyrixa/hex-prism Queen+Sennight, extrapolated from Eluder.
ETF hex Nueuch+Ertbuchet, reversing first 2 consonants of Eft whose Curved rider it is.
ETSAH cubic FO 5:4:3 leaper, hex-prism FO 7:1 leaper with the 7 specifically hex-oblique, Haste for FO 4:3 reversed.
EUDABBABA hex-prism Dabbaranker+Eunucfiler if hex-ranked, Dabbaleveller+Eunuccolumner if hex-level, uses two letters of Eunuch to distinguish from Edabbaba.
EUMP square FO 13:1 leaper with the 13 specifically orthogonal dual to the Egg, extrapolated from Hump.
EUNUCH cubic/hex symmetric 2:2:2 or pure-hex root-12 leaper, combining the initial of Elephant for two steps, the sound of Unicorn for the direction, and expressing the piece's weakness.
EUROFIGHTER, EUROPEAN Pawnlike piece all one with an optional double-step initial move, respectively unrestricted and restricted to both steps being noncapturing, first as extreme version of second, which is from continent where move originally introduced for actual Pawn.
EVANGELIST square Picket+Eunuch, in conjunction with other church titles below Bishop for enhanced Pickets.
EVASIVE hex Vampire+Vacillator ¢.
EVERYBOY, EVERYGIRL, EVERYMAN Everymen, EVERYWOMAN Everywomen hex-prism Restless+Wether+Welshboy, Gardener+Restless+Wether+Welshboy, Wrestler+Weatherer+Welshman, Guardian+Wrestler+Weatherer+Welshman, adding corresponding pieces in both other kinds of diagonal to Welsh- pieces.
EVORSCORE hex root-21 Curved linepiece on 6-stage circuit, reversing first 3 letters, or 2 consonants, of Overscore whose Curved rider it is.
EXACTOR hex-prism Elephrider+Drunkard.
EXAGGERATOR cubic 35° Eunuch-Tripper alternator, EMD Expounderwise.
EXAMINER cubic symmetric 7:6:4 leaper, from sharing -am of fellow SOLL-101 piece Wacam with -er of other "feeble fringe" pieces.
EXCEEDER cubic Executioner+Exaggerator, EMD Nunchakuwise ¢.
EXCOMMUNICATOR hex-prism Bishop+Bellman, from excommunication by bell, book, and candle.
EXCUSE cubic FO 8:8:5 leaper, as what a Shirker offers for his inaction.
EXECUTIONER cubic 55° Crooked Viceroy-Cobbler alternator, from the first letters of its Exorcistwise EMD and a more drastic way of dealing with a miscreant.
EXECUTIVE hex-prism Tricorn+Ferz, in conjunction with Minister.
EXHUMER cubic Double Navvy restricted to moving an odd number of steps, undermines a Sexton as the Unhorser, a similarly restricted Double Rhino, does a Knight.
EXORCIST cubic symmetric 5:1:1 leaper, xyrixa dual to cubic Expounder, from having same SOLL as Zombie.
EXPANDER cubic 35° Crooked Viceroy-Tripper alternator, EMD Wideplayerwise.
EXPLORER cubic Attendant+Tactician.
EXPOUNDER cubic symmetric 5:5:2 leaper, xyrixa dual to cubic Exorcist, from Exorcist and in conjunction with Propounder.
EXPRESS cubic Expounder+Propounder ¢.
EXTENDER cubic 55° Crooked Eunuch-Trebuchet alternator, EMD Longplayerwise.
EXTRUDER piece all one requiring any piece adjacent to the start of its move
EZADEMIC, EZCOUNTANT, EZE, EZHATES, EZHIEVER, EZME square Zebu+Alibaba, Tank+Zebra, Queen+Zebra, Zebu+Trilby, Zebu+Colby, Queen+Zemel, extrapolated from Accountant, Ace, Achates, Achiever, Acme.
EZOLYTE, EZOND hex Zedet+Zefran, Zeptain+Zeimakan, extrapolated from Acolyte, Akond.
EZROPOLIS, EZTIVIST, EZTOR, EZTRESS square Rook+Zebu, Unicorn+Zebu, Bishop+Zebu, Queen+Zebu, extrapolated from Acropolis, Activist, Actor, Actress.
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