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Brotherhood Chess

This variant has been created by Gianluca Vecchi, member of AISE, in 1993. It is a little variation on the theme of Madrasi Chess.

  • King and pawns are orthodox, i.e., move as in orthodox chess.
  • The other pieces cannot capture pieces of the same type (e.g. a knight cannot capture another knight, a queen cannot capture another queen, etc.).
  • A stalemated player loses.
  • All the other rules of chess apply.

Please note that the kings, being orthodox, cannot stand on adjacent squares.

Here is a sample game :

1. e4 e5
2. Nf3 Bd6
3. Bc4 b6
4. 00 Ba6
5. Nc3 Nc6
6. b3 Nf6
7. Ba3 00
8. d4 e:d4
9. N:d4 N:e4
10. Qg4 Nf6
11. Qf3 Rb8
12. Bc1 h6
13. Re1 Ne5
14. Qe2 N:c4
15. b:c4 Re8
16. Qf3 B:c4
17. Ndb5 B:b5
18. N:b5 Bb4
19. Bd2 a6
20. a3 Bc5
21. Qf4 d6
22. Nd4 Qd7
23. Re7 Qg4
24. R:c7 B:d4
25. Q:d4 Qf5
26. Q:d6 Ne4
27. Qd7 N:d2
28. Rc8 Re1 mate

Play It!

Use Zillions of Games to play this game! If you have Zillions of Games installed, you can download this game and play it.

Written by Alessandro Castelli.
WWW page created: December 1, 1995. Last modified: February 7, 1997.