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Chess 2 - The Sequel (or Sirlin's Chess)

(An alternative, brief presentation of the rules of this game is available on this site by following this link.)

Chess 2 is an elaborate chess variant, invented by David Sirlin from Sirlin Games. Sirlin Games. In this variant, the rules of chess are changed in a number of ways:
  • There are six different armies; the regular chess army, and five armies where some (or most) pieces are replaced by other pieces with other moving possibilities. Players choose an army and possibly play with different armies against each other.
  • A player can win by moving his king across the midline of the board.
  • When a piece takes another piece, a duel can take place: players secretly have some stones in their hand, and this possibly results in that both the taking as the taken piece are removed from the board.
  • A few other (smaller) changes
For the precise rules, you can download the rulebook from the downloads section from the website of Sirlin games. At the moment of writing this, downloading the rulebook of Chess 2 was free of charge.

To download the rules, go to, add it to your shopping bag, and buy it for 0 dollars (i.e., for free).


Game was invented by David Sirlin. Webpage made by Hans Bodlaender.
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