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This page is written by the game's inventor, Billy Haynie.

Haynie's Game of Leapers

Billy Haynie proposed the following variant, sending it in 1999. It features several types of leaping chess pieces.


The setup is as follows:



On a1, a8, h1, and h8 we find zebra's. These make a (2,3)-jump.

On b1, b8, g1, and g8 there are knights, moving as in orthodox chess.

On c1, c8, f1, and f8 we have camels: these make an 1,3- jump.

The pieces that take the positions of the queens, d1 and d8, are wazired firzan's: pieces that can move one square in an arbitrary direction (like the king but without being hindered by check.)

Kings (e1, e8) and pawns (a2 - h2, a7 - h7) move like in orthodox chess; pawns can promote to queen, rook, bishop, knight, zebra, camel, or wazired firzan. There is no castling.

Other rules are as in orthodox chess.


Billy Haynie welcomes comments on this variant. Contact him at (email removed contact us for address)
Written by Hans Bodlaender, based upon email of Billy Haynie.
WWW page created: July 6, 1999. Last modified: August 21, 1999.