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The WA, or Waffle

The WA (you can call it the "Waffle") combines the powers of Wazir and Alfil. For example, from e4 this piece can go to e5, f4, e3, d4, c6 (even if d5 is empty), g6, g2, or c2.

This is a short-range jumping piece that is very close in value to the FIDE Knight, perhaps a bit weaker.

The Pawnless endgame of K plus two WA versus King is a forced checkmate: since we know that two W (and K) can force the enemy K into a corner, of course two WA can do so; with WKg6 and BKg8, put one WA on f7 to confine the BK; follow with the other WA moving to e6 giving check, and finish with (WA)f7-f6 mate.

The Waffle is thought to be slightly weaker than the Knight, but perhaps this is merely an artifact of having tested it as a plug-in with the rest of the FIDE team.

Imagine FIDE chess with White's Knights replaced by Waffles; after 1. e4 e5 2. WA g1-e3, the WA is well-placed at e3, but it obstructs the path of the Bc1; this may not be a problem for other armies.

In fact, the Waffle is very close in value to the Knight, only a tiny bit weaker. The Waffle is very strong once it gets to a good square, but getting it there can be awkward; and perhaps the awkwardness is merely due to its unfamiliarity.

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