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47 Contest Results

These are the results of a contest I held in 2008 for a variant with a board of exactly 47 cells. Due to some technical difficulties, I was not able to receive votes from the participants and I had become the primary judge, Joe Joyce the secondary. Thank you all for participating.


John Smith's Wormhole Xiang Qi - Honorable Mention, as I am the inventor, of course!

3rd Place!

Joe Joyce' The Lion Game - Joe's game rules were not concise enough, the pieces too powerful, and the objective too difficult for playability. Sorry, Joe! Try again next time!

2nd Place!

Charles Gilman's Dream Chess 47 - Charles played it safe with this one, having minimal rule, board, and piece differences from FIDE Chess. This spared him from last place, but also first place, with the novel...

1st Place!

Consul Bob's Battle Room Chess - This is a good game, very different from Chess, actually, which went through many revisions until the final one. It is much more than you would expect from a small variant. I have created a spin-off called Ender's Chess. Congratulations, Bob! You win a custom variant by the improvisational master, John Smith, of your choice!

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By John Smith.
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