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Free corners chess

This variant I give on Hans 41th birthday.


The game is conducted by rules of orthodox chess with the following changes.

The initial arrangement is:


  • In each of the corners of the board, there is a field that is formed by adding together three usual squares. These are called the angular fields. A piece on such a square field is considered to be on any of these three squares.
  • The angular fields have connections through their edges with three usual square fields, and on a diagonal with two usual square fields.
  • On an angular field there can not be more than one piece.
  • Pieces on angular fields have more possibilities for movement than on a usual field: they have all the movements they have when they would be on any of the three squares that formed the field. See the diagrams below. Of course, the possibilities to move to an angular field are likewise increased, so a piece on an angular field both has more movement possibilities and is more vulnerable.
  • On angular fields the bishop can change colour of the field it is on.
  • White pawns can only promote on c7, d7, and e7; black pawns only on c1, d1, and e1.
  • There is no castling.

Written by Sergej Sirotkin. Edited by Hans Bodlaender.
WWW page created: February 14, 2001.