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Fellowship of the Ring Solutions

The diagrams are repeated here for reference. They're the same images as in the puzzle page, so they should be cached.

Solution #1: White Nc6-b8 prevents the Rook from interfering with White P*c7-c8=Q*, and Black cannot prevent the destruction of the Ring.
Solution #2: White N*b5-c7 forces the Black rook to move from the back rank. Then N*c7-c8 wins.
Solution #3: White Pc7-c8=Q forces the Black Rook off the back rank. After Black Re8xe6 (putting a Black Bishop on e8), White captures with Qc8xe6 followed by Qe6-c8 for the win.
Solution #4 White Rc7-h7+, Black Kh5-g5, White P*f2-f4 mate.
Solution #5: The three spaces to which the Ringbearer can move are already guarded, but if it moved to c4, white could recapture the Ring. The solution is Black Bf8-b4, which attacks the Ring and pins its bearer against the King, so White cannot move to c4. After White P*c3xb4, Black Nc6xb4 gains the Ring.
Solution #6: Black moves P*d4-d1, promotes to a Ringed Knight, and gives check. White's only retreat is Kf2-g1 and Black responds N*d1-f3. If White Kg1-h1, Black plays N*f3xf1 mate. If instead White Pg2xf3, Black recaptures with Ng5xh3 mate
Solution #7: Black Qd7xh3. If White Pg2xh3 then Black N*e2-f3 mate. If instead White Kh2xh3 then Black N*e2-h5, White Bg3-h4, Black N*h5xh4 mate.
Solution #8: The trick is that Black has to give up the ring for a moment.
Black P*e4-e2+, White Bf1xe2, Black Rf4-f2. The White King can run to e3, e1, or f1. In any case, Black Nf4xe2 mate.
Solution #9: Black Nc6xb4 grabs the Ring and gives Check. If White blocks with the Queen, Black Queen takes Queen and checkmate. So instead White moves Kb2-c3. Black responds N*b4-c4. Note that White's Queen is pinned. White has two possible moves:
  • If White Ke3-f4, Black N*c4-d5 mate
  • If White Ke3-e4, Black Rg6-g4 mate.
Solution #10 The key is Black Pe4-e3. This attacks the White King's only escape, and threatens mate with Qh4xf2. White cannot capture the Pawn because his Bishop is pinned. If White Bf3xh4, Black replies Rh2xh4 mate. So, White's best defense is Qd1-d2, opening up an escape for the King. Black's next move is Pe3xf2+. White retreats Ke1-d1. Black promotes with P*f2-e1=N*+. White captures Qd2xe1 and Black Qh4xe1 mate wins because it puts a Black Queen on h4.
Solution #11: White Qd3-e3 threatens Nd4-e6 mate, so Black responds, for example, Pe7-e5. Next White goes P*a6-a7. Black delays the inevitable with Qd7xa7, after which White plays Qe3xa7 followed by Qa7xb8 (or Qa7-a8 if the Black Rook has moved) for the win.

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