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This page is written by the game's inventor, João Neto.

Connect Chess

  1. All Chess rules apply except in the following:
  2. Definition: A Link between 2 pieces (at least one must not be a pawn) occur when one of them could move to the other's square (if it was empty) and they are not occupying the same rank (row). The two pieces must be of the same color.
  3. A player wins if he can create a link between a set of his pieces from the 1st to the last rank of the board.
  4. There is no check or checkmate.

Note: A player cannot create a link with two consecutive pawns, they are just used has nodes between two non pawn pieces.


is a win for White (Link Qe1->e5<-Bb8), (Link Kg1->f2->Nf3->e5<-Bb8). There are also many other links (Kg1->h2<-Nf3..., Rf1->f2->Nf3..., Qe1->f2->Nf3..., Qe1->d2<-Nf3..., Bc1->d2<-Nf3..., and Nb1->d2<-Nf3...).

Written by Joao Neto. Web page posted by David Howe.
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