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Construction Chess

by João Pedro Neto

The idea for this variant is to give each player the possibility to construct his own chess army, the way they seem proper.

  • All FIDE rules apply except in the following:
  • In the beginning, each player has the King at his usual place, plus 15 more static pieces where the remaining FIDE army starts.
  • Each player has the following available powers:
    • 3 Rook powers
    • 3 Bishop powers
    • 2 Knight powers
    • 8 Pawn powers (including the possibity to advance 2 squares in the 1st row for White or 8th row for Black. No en passant)
    • 2 Castling powers (a piece may swap positions with its King, if both are not in check. This power, once used, is removed)
  • A static piece cannot move or capture (since it has no powers), and can be captured.
  • At the first turn, White gives one of his powers to a certain static piece. Black does the same.
  • After that, at each turn, each player can:
    • Move one piece (mandatory)
    • After moving, give one available power to any non-royal piece (a piece may receive two or more powers) (optional)
  • Wins the one that mates the opposite King.
  • No pawn promotion.

note: A Queen is made by adding a Bishop and a Rook power to a certain piece. This idea can be used with Betza's Different Armies concept. Just give each player the proper set of constructing powers for the army he chose.

Written by João Pedro Neto. Web page posted by David Howe.
WWW page created: 27 Mar 2001. Last modified on: 27 Mar 2001.