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Kylatori Sunset

This game takes bits from Shogi, Assimilation Chess, Particl2 Collision Chess and Ultima. It is invented by Tim Stiles.


The game is played on a 6x8 board, which is not checkered black and white like a normal board. One wins by stalemating opponent, forcing him to repeat an earlier position or ridding the board and your opponents hand of all enemy pieces.


Pre> r n b b n r p p l l p p - - - - - - - - - - - - <--- Board - - - - - - - - - - - - P P L L P P R N B B N R plrn or b: black pieces PLRN or B: white pieces -: empty space

White pieces are uppercase, Black pieces are lowercase. When a major (i.e., not a Trode or Ion) piece is captured, it turns into a wreckage and stays on the square. A wreckage does not obstruct movement. If a major piece moves onto a square with wreckage and a Pp or += is adjacent, the piece is revived and either put on the piece so it can move like that piece and the one it was before or placed in the hand of the salvager to drop later.

Two pieces of the same time except Trodes capture on co-squares after moving. that is, they capture on squares that both pieces could move to if they were rooks that ignored all obstacles. If you move a piece which you have 3 or more of then capture on co-squares with all possible pairings of pieces. for example:

R - p - p
b - R - l
- - - - -
p - r - R

All of those black pieces will be captured if white moves a Pendant so that part of the board looks like that. Pieces(letters in brackets indicate what letter is used when recording a move or a board, white first then black) Trode(Pp): moves and captures one square forward, captures by custodian(sandwiching one piece between two friendly pieces on a line) orthogonally or diagonally with other Trodes or Ions. may promote to any piece at back rank. they may jump an adjactant piece to capture another piece directly behind it, and it must capture to use the move. Ion(Ll): moves one square orthogonally, captures by custodian orthogonally or diagonally with other Ions or Trodes. drops a Trode in an adjactant square after moving. Pendant(Rr): moves one square orthogonally or leaps two squares orthogonally or leaps two squares diagonally. Slasher(Bb): moves one square diagonally or leaps as a Knight from chess Hammer(Nn): leaps three squares orthogonally, then rotates 90 degrees left or right and moves one or two squares. Howler(Qq): moves as Pendant or as Slasher. only appears through upgrading. Shell Gun(Mm) moves as Pentant or as Hammer. only appears through upgrading. Burst Gun(Cc) moves as Slasher or as Hammer. only appears through upgrading. Shredder(Aa) moves as Pendant, Slasher or Hammer. only appears through upgrading.


No play testing has been done here, try it at your own risk. Hopefully it should be playable.
Written by Tim Stiles.
WWW page created: January 27, 2003.