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Andernach Chess - solution

King g1; Queen c6; Knight h5; Pawn b2, b7, c4, e7, f5. (8 pieces.)

King h3; Rook h4; Pawn c7, e5, f6, g2, g3, g4, g5. (9 pieces).

Andernach Chess. Mate in 6 moves.

Michel Caillaud and Christian Poisson
First Prize, Andernach TT 1993

1.Qc6-e4 ! zugzwang.
1...c7-c5 2.Qe4-e1 e5-e4 3.b7-b8=R e4-e3 4.Rb8-b3 e3-e2 5.Rb3*g3=(b) R any 6.Qe1-g3 #
1...c7-c6 2.e7-e8=B c6-c5 3.Qe4-e2 e5-e4 4.Be8-c6 e4-e3 5.Bc6*g2=(b) B any 6.Qe2-g2 #

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