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Grand Cavalier Chess for Game Courier

Grand Cavalier Chess, is an expanded decimal version of Cavalier Chess, both invented by Fergus Duniho. The latter game replaced most of the regular Chess pieces with more powerful counterparts that have Knight-like or extra Knight moves. It replaced Pawns with Cavaliers, which are Chinese Chess Knights that can promote on the last rank. It replaced Rooks with Marshalls (Rook + Knight), Bishops with Paladins (Bishop + Knight), Knights with Nightriders (pieces that ride along hippogonal paths), and Kings with Eques Rexes (King + Knight). The Queen, being powerful enough, was left unmodified. Grand Cavalier Chess adds Cannons to the pieces from Cavalier Chess, and it gives all the pieces more room to move, which is better for a game with such powerful pieces. The following preset will enforce the rules and spot check, checkmate, and stalemate.

Written by Fergus Duniho
WWW Page Created: 23 January 2002.