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Synchronous Chess

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Vitaliy Korolev, 1991. Both sides move simultaneously. Moves to the same square result in the loss of both units, unless one is the king. You may take your own unit in anticipation of simultaneous enemy capture, at your own risk. I didn't let the king do this. Obviously being checked requires a king move.

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Written by Ed Friedlander

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Author: Ed Friedlander.


Synchronous Chess. The two sides truly move simultaneously.
Anonymous wrote on Wed, May 18, 2005 03:16 PM EDT:
Dear Ralf
Thank you for your answer.
I have a text of the rules in English in the paper form, and Russian
variant of the rules – as MS-Word-file. 

I need transform my paper text to the file. I’ll try to do this next week
and send you.
Best regards

Anonymous wrote on Tue, May 17, 2005 05:12 PM EDT:
Dear Vitaly Korolev,

I have just read your comments concerning the other Synchronuous Chess
Variant invented by my Ukrainian collegues Arnold J. Krasowsky and Andrey
Krasowsky and me.

Do you have the rules of your chess variant in written form in english,
... and could you present them here?
(or did I miss something here, and was simply not able to find these

It is difficult to evaluate your game, if the rules are not given.
Perhaps this is the reason why there have been no comments here on the
game, so far. And why I also hesitate to give any Rating.

Considering the computer based game that is implemented here in the Web,
your game is very different from the rules of the other Synchronuous
Variant, which I presented to 'Chess Variants COM' giving the external
link to the rules in english, and for which the rules were first
in the year 2003 in the Chess journal 'Rochade Europa' in German

Very Best Regards

Ralf Hansmann

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