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Super Chess III

If you had a Java-capable browser, you could play Super Chess III here.

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Proprietary game. Ed Ginsberg, 1984. The cyclops moving forward runs down enemy men and leaps friendly men. The cyclops moving backwards runs down both enemy and friendly men. You can take a turn to rotate the cyclops; I allowed complete rotation, i.e., passing your move. I set it up so that even if you have the computer play White, the human player still gets to choose the orientation of the cyclops. Archers move and capture as knights but shoot enemy units four squares away orthogonally. Right now I have superpawns always starting on the central squares.

Ed Ginsberg is my cyberfriend; you can contact him at [email protected].

Super Chess Rules -- text file from Ed Ginsburg

Hans Bodlaender's Chess Variants
Hans Bodlaender's Chess Applet

Ed's Chess Variants

These are simple illustrations rather than strong opponents.

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