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Einstein-Grasshopper Selfmate Solution

Ben Good
unpublished, 2000
ser.s#20, C-



1.Bb3 2.EGb2(Nb3) 3.EGb4(Pb3) 4.b:c4 5.EG:d4(Nc4) 6.Nb6 7.EG:a7(Bb6) 8.Bc7 9.EGg1(Rf2) 10.EG:e1(Bf1) 11.EGg3(Bf2) 12.EGg8(Ng7) 13.EGg6(Pg7) 14.EGe8(Pf7) 15.EG:b8(Bc8) 16.EG:d6(Rc7) 17.Rc3 18.Rd3 19.EG:d2(Qd3) 20.Qd8+ EG:d8(Rc8)# (21.EGg2(Nf2)??)

The final position is shown in the diagram below:

Final Position

If there's something about this solution you don't understand you can email me (click on my underlined name below to find my e-mail address) and I can explain it to you.

This is an item in the Piececlopedia: an overview of different (fairy) chess pieces.
Written by Benjamin C Good.
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