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In Memoriam: Stan Goldovski

In the issue of March 1999 of Variant Chess, the very sad news of the death of Stanislav (`Stan') Goldovski was given.

Stan died in January 1999 from cancer. His age was probably in the middle of the twenties.

Stan was born in St Petersburg. He moved to Koln around 1992. He was a student of computer science.

To chess variant players, Stan is known as the programmer of Giveaway Wizard - a program that plays Giveaway chess, and does it rather well. Further, Stan had an extensive website on Giveaway or Losing chess. He was an enthousiastic player of this variant of chess and was one of the organizers of an international meeting of players of Giveaway chess.

I never met Stan in person, but have exchanged several pleasant emails with him. Our condolences and sympathy to his family and friends.

Written by Hans Bodlaender, March 30, 1999.