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This page is written by the game's inventor, Lim Peng.

Copycat Chess (8x8) (64 cells)

By Lim Ther Peng

I discovered this wonderful web site only around June 2002. By that time I had already published my first chessvariants book (on May 2001) entitled: Superchess, without realizing that the name superchess was already be in used for many chessvariants including superchess of various boards and chessmen. For my superchess, in addition to the usual pieces of the orthodox chess, I had added seven new super pieces. They are Super Rook, Super Bishop, Super Knight, Super General, Super Terminator, Super Commando and Super Protector to make the game more " power packs", more "strategic twists" and to add more "depths" to the players’ thinking process. The game is played on a 10x10 board with 100 cells.

Now I am sending another of my new game.

Copycat chess.

Set up of the Copycat Chess.


(1) Copycat cannot capture or be captured.

(2) Copycat will assume the identity of the piece that your opponent had just moved. For example, if the White has just moved his Knight then the Black can move any of his Copycats as if it is a Knight to any empty square.

(3) Copycat cannot follow the move of your opponent’s Copycat.

(4) A player cannot execute two consecutive Copycat moves.

(5) Copycat cannot follow any castling move.

(6) Copycat must move onto Empty Square.

(7) When Copycat assume the identity of a Pawn, it can move one or two steps forward or one square diagonally forward to either side.

(8) All other rules will follow the FIDE chess rules.