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Chameleon Chess


On Chess Variants Pages the interesting Chameleon piece is described. Here all pieces execute a role of a chameleon.


Capture of all opponent's pieces.

Initial Array

as in a orthodox chess.


The game is conducted by rules of orthodox chess with the following changes:

  • In each turn the rank of the moved piece changes.
  • The change occurs strictly under the order: Pawn - knight - Bishop - Rook - Queen - King -Pawn …
  • When the capture, rank of a piece does not change.
  • Most likely it is necessary to refuse everyone promotion.
  • At castling the rook's rank changes.
  • In the basic variant the king is not exposed to any change. Further I have mentioned variant in which begin game only one pawns. There there is no royal piece.


  • For a choice about changes it is possible to use die. It is similar to game Insane. But here at first roll die, and then choose a piece for movement.
  • To begin game it is possible having only pawns on first two ranks.

Written by Sergey Sirotkin. Web page posted by David Howe.
WWW page created: 3 Oct 2000. Last modified on: 3 Oct 2000.