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The Chinese Chess Institute

The Chinese Chess Institute seems to now be defunct.

The Chinese Chess Institute is an organization that sells books and leaflets on Chinese Chess and gives information about Chinese Chess.

Dave Woo of the CCI send me their leaflets, of which I here repeat some information.

Xiangqi Review

The CCI publishes C.C.I. Xiangqi Review, a periodical on Xiangqi in English, which appeared first in 1990. The leaflet writes: Each issue gives you the latest news, reports and statistics of worldwide master events, games to study, basics for beginners, and problems that are fun to solve.

Subscription is $10 per year for subscribers in the U.S. and Canada, and $15 for others, including first class postage (air mail overseas). There are six bimonthly issues in a year. Back issues can be obtained for respectively $2.50 and $3 (US/Canada - Overseas).

Chinese Chess Books

The CCI sells several books on Xiangqi. About all are in Chinese. Prices are between $7.50 and $15. Many contain collections of games, but there are also books on strategy and openings (11 different titles in total.) All Chinese texts are shipped with a free Chinese-English general translation guide.

Two books in English are in preparation. One is called The First Book of Chinese Chess and is scheduled for September 1997. The other is called The C.C.I. XiangQi Survival Quide and scheduled for the end of 1997. This first book is meant for beginners; the second seems more advanced (from the description.)

The C.C.I. Tournament Series

24 booklets of different sizes are sold, giving games of specific Xiangqi tournaments.


Write to
Chinese Chess Institute
P.O. Box 5308
Hercules, CA 94547-5305
General questions on Xiangqi will be answered free of charge when one sends a #10 business-size self-addressed, stamped envelop to this address.

Payment to the CCI is by money order or check. Foreign payment should be by check in US$ drawn on US banks, US postal money order, or US-currency cash.

Written by Hans Bodlaender, based on information sent to me by Dave Woo from the CCI. Note that I have no connection to the CCI - for more information, write to the address above.
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