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    P.O.C.      PROGRESSIVE ORTHODOX CHESS  email contest

If you have an interest in "progressive chess", or chess variants
generally, then this is the tournament to be in!!

DON'T MISS OUT:  register now!    (closes Jan 9, 1998; see below)
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For those not in the know, P.O.C. is a very simple concept:-

It was designed to achieve two objects:

   1)  to preserve the essential "progressive" idea as much a s possible;
   2)  to result in a game that was a fully legal game of chess!

As it happens, these objects can be easily reconciled...

Official rules of Progressive Orthodox Chess.

1.  Pieces, layout and legal moves exactly as for orthodox chess.
2.  White begins with a move for white.
3.  Then black makes a move for black, and a move for white.
4.  Continuing alternately, each player makes a series of moves,
    for the colors alternately, each move series being one move
    longer than the previous series.
5.  All moves of a series must be played; so that the final score
    is that of a legal orthodox chess game.
6.  There is no 3-position draw rule.
7.  Win/draw/loss decided by checkmate, stalemate, resignation, or
    agreement, as in orthodox chess.
(In practice, draws can never occur with even remotely sensible play!)

Simple!  But HOT!

This game has probably been independently invented several times.
In particular, Edward Jackman has titled this game "progressive 007".

Their is an accompanying article, entitled "P.O.C: Comments and advice."
Please read this for further information about the game itself.


So BE IN to win; along with the honor of doing well in the first ever
email Progressive Orthodox Chess tournament, there will be a (VERY!)
token prize for first.

(Note: the competition is just for fun - no prestige is at stake, so all
 contestants are on their honor not to use any aids - human or machine!)


Bill Taylor       (email removed contact us for address)
Joao Neto         (email removed contact us for address)

1: Bill will take registrations, and organize the draw.
2: Bill will supply the prize (token value only! - a souvenir of NZ).
3: Bill will receive & collate game results as finished.
4: Joao will act as referee for disputes, (we hope there will not be any!)

It might be wise for complete newbies (probably most of us!) to try a game
or two before the tournament. (You might perhaps advertise in this forum.)

BEGINNERS MOST WELCOME! We expect most entrants will be complete newbies.
We wonder whether there are any experts in the entire Universe :-)

You will be expected to make at least one move series every 4 days,
in about 4 or 5 simultaneous games; provision is made for exceptions -
illness, holidays, conferences etc.

If you can't manage this timing, please don't enter.
We will start about mid-January.  Registrations must be by Jan 9, 1998.
If you wish to enter, (there is no fee!), please fill out the form below,
and email to

                (email removed contact us for address)


YES - I would love to enter the POC contest!   Please sign me up.



See also:
Announcement sent by Joao Pedro Neto. Small editing by Hans Bodlaender.
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