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Progressive Give-Away Chess

Progressive Giveaway Chess is probably the first example of a chess variant constructed combining rules of two other pre-existing variants. As the name implies. Progressive Giveaway Chess is Giveaway Chess played at the Italian Progressive Chess pace.

Progressive Giveaway Chess was introduced in AISE practice since the late 70s. A presentation of this variant appeared in Eteroscacco n.2, July-September 1978.


The rules of normal chess apply, with the following exceptions:



Sample games

Figura-Forzoni (AISE Grand Prix 1994)

  1. b3
  2. c5 c4
  3. b:c4 Bb2 B:g7
  4. B:g7 B:a1 Qc7 Q:h2
  5. R:h2 R:h7 R:f7 R:e7 R:d7
  6. B:d7 Rh7 Ne7 Ng5 Bf5 B:c2
  7. Q:c2 Q:g6 Q:h7 Q:b7 Q:a7 Q:b8 Q:e8
  8. R:e8 R:e2 R:f2 R:g2 R:d2 R:a2 Bh8 Bc3 and wins. (0-1)

Mori-Forzoni (AISE Grand Prix 1994)

  1. a3
  2. c6 Qa5
  3. c4 Qc2 Q:h7
  4. Q:a3 Q:b2 R:h7 R:h2
  5. R:h2 R:a7 R:b7 R:b8 B:b2
  6. R:b8 R:b2 R:d2 R:e2 R:f2 R:g2
  7. R:g2 R:g7 R:f7 R:e7 R:d7 c5 Kf2
  8. Bc5 B:f2 B:g1 B:d7 Nf6 Nh5 Nf4 Nh3 draw (1/2-1/2).

Written by Andrea Mori and Alessandro Castelli.
Last modified: February 7, 1997.