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List of fairy pieces

The list below was compiled by Frank Truelove. It contains many fairy chess pieces.

Listings marked GFC refer to the book A Guide to Fairy Chess by A. Dickins. Other listings refer to the Encyclopedia of Chess Variants by Pritchard.

Aanca [Gryphon] — Grand Acedrex

Absolute Queen — Amazon Ch.

Absorber — Bogart’s Ch.. Acquires powers of captured pieces.

Achilles — Troy

Activist, Political — International

Adjutant — [between Dai Shogi and Empress Ch. II]; Camps, Grosses Konigs-spiel, Kaiserspiel, Sultan’s Game

Adjutant-General — Seven-Handed Xiangqi

Admiral — Kaiserspiel, Universal Ch.

Advancer — Royal Fury

Advancing Damate — Damate

Aeroplane — Atomic Ch., Novo-Schaakspel, Russian Ch. II, Victrix

Aircraft — Chess-Battle, Cr-isis, Universal Ch.

Airplane — Airplane Ch., Cu-bono

Alfil — Attama, Betza’s Ch., Cubic Ch. I, Escalation, GFC, Kriegsfeld Ch., Parton Ch., Talkhand’s Ch., Timur’s Cubic Ch.

Alfil-Rider — Escalation, GFC.

Alfil-Rider-Hopper — GFC.

Amazon — Amazon Ch., Empress Ch. II, GFC, Riga Ch., Shataranja, Troy

Anankova — Madagascan Ch. [Samantsy]

Angel — Angel Ch.

Anti-Aircraft — Space Hexchess

Antipawn — Allthought Ch.

Ape — Chakra, Congo

Aphrodite — Enchantment

Archbishop — Bates’ Game, Capablanca Ch., Carrera’s Ch., Chesquerque, Galactic Ch., GFC, Haffner’s [sp.?] Ch., Lillputian [sp.?] Ch., Quatrochess, Supercapablanca Ch.

Archer — Archer Ch., Falcon-Hunter Ch., Fantasy Ch., Spanish Ch.

Ares — Troy

Arms, Small — International

Army, Chief Of — Baroda Ch.

Arrow Bishop — GFC.

Arrow Pawn — Arrow Pawn Ch., GFC, Three-Man Ch.

Arrow Rook — GFC.

Artillery — Brinkmanship, Gerard Ch., Strategie, Victrix, Wehr-Schach

Artillery Colonel — Victoire

Assassin — Assassin Kriegsspiel

Asva, Cavalry, Horse — Chaturangan m

Atlantosaurus — GFC.

Atomic Bomb — Atomic Ch., GFC

Attacker — Chessball

Attendant — 2000 AD

Aviator — Aviation

Axe — Rotary

Axial — Ludus Chessunculus

Ballista — Xiangqi

Balloon — GFC.

Balloon-Hopper — GFC.

Bandersnatch — Jabberwocky Ch.

Bandmaster — Baroda Ch.

Banker —

Banner — Three-Handed Xiangqi

Bannerman — Three-Handed Xiangqi

Barrier —

Barrier Pawn — Kristensen’s Game

Bastion — Reform Ch. I, Siege d’Anvers

Basy [‘Gun’] — Madagascan Ch. [Samantsy]

Bat — Cuban Chaturang

Battery — Prussian National Ch.

Battery, Artillery —

Battleship — Cr-isis

Bear — Bear Ch., Great Ch.

Beastmaster, Beast-Master — Vincere Mori

Behique — Cuban Chaturanga

Berlin Pawn — GFC.

Berolina Pawn — Allthought Ch., GFC, Lion Ch., Tactical Ch.

Biok — Semi-Queen Ch.

Bishop —

Bishop, Arch- — See Archbishop

Bishop, Arrow — GFC.

Bishop, Cyclic — GFC.

Bishop, Demi- — GFC.

Bishop, Grand- — GFC.

Bishop, Great- — Chezz

Bishop, Reflecting — Edgehog Ch., GFC

Bishop/Rook Hunter; Falcon — GFC.

Bishop-Mover/Rook-Capturer; Schutze; Sniper — GFC.

Bishopper — GFC.

Bishroo — Thinktank Ch.

Biskni — Thinktank Ch.

Block — Lodus Chessunculus

Blockade —

Blood-Brother — Blood-Brother Ch.

Blue Queen — Neuter Queen Ch.

Boat — Cambodian, Chaturaji

Boatmen, Ship — 2,2 Chaturangan Leaper

Bomb — Bombalot, Bomb Ch., Renaissance Ch., Siege d’Anvers, Suttles Ch.

Bomb Carrier — Beirut Ch.

Bomb, Atomic — Atomic Ch., GFC

Bomber — Wehr-Schach

Bomber Unit — Space Hexchess

Borogove — Jabberwocky Ch.

Boy Scout — GFC.

Brigadier — Siege d’Anvers

Brontosaurus — GFC.

Bull — Timur’s Great Ch.

Butter — Best Decimal Butter

Butterfly — Chaos I

Butterfly, Monarch — Chaos I

Cacique Nerey — Cuban Chaturang

Cadet — GFC.

Caïssa, Queen — Game of Caïssa

Camel — Attama, Baroda Ch., Betza’s Ch., Bird’s Ch., Cavalry Ch., Decimal Oriental Ch., GFC, Great Ch., Mongolian Ch., Persian Ch. III, Quatrochess, Sava’s Game, Timur’s Great Ch., Wildebeest Ch.

Camel-Rider — Five-Rider Ch., GFC

Camel-Rider-Hopper — GFC.

Cannibal — Absorption [Ch.]

Cannon — Betza’s Ch., Camps, Changgi, Decimal Oriental Ch., Guerre I, Kriegsfeld Ch., Prussian National Ch., Silberschmidt’s Game, Xiangqi

Cap — Capapranka

Capricorn — Capricorn Ch., Royal Fury, 2000 AD

Captain — Occupation, Victoire

Capturing Pieces — GFC.

Cardinal — Airplane Ch., Grand Ch., Tri-Ch. IV, Valentine’s Ch.

Carnivore — Carnivore Ch.

Carriage — Burmese Ch.

Carrier — Ch. Football, Loonybird Ch.

Carrier, Bomb — Beirut Ch.

Carrier, Plague- — Plague Ch.

Cassandra — Cassandra Ch.

Castle — Mideast Ch., Pacific Ch.

Cat — Cat Ch.

Cat, Cheshire — Cheshire Cat Ch.

Catalyst — Nuclear Ch.

Catapult — Xiangqi

Caterpillar — Caterpillar Ch.

Cavalier — Mideast Ch.

Cavalry — ‘Asva’ in Chaturanga, Chess-Battle, Gerard Ch., Strategie, Victrix

Cavalry Colonel — Victoire

Cavalry Piece — Cavalry Ch.

Cavalry, Great — Gerard Ch.

Centaur — Carrera’s Ch.

Centaur Royal — Centaur Royal

Centurion — Arch Ch. I, Pinsard’s Ch.

Chain Reaction — Nuclear Ch.

Chakra — Chakra

Chameleon — Bogart’s Ch., Chameleon Ch., GFC, Ultima

Champion — Carrera’s Ch.

Chancellor — Almost Ch., Bird’s Ch., ‘Davidson’ in Capablanca Ch., Carrera’s Ch., Chancellor Ch., Grosses Konigs-spiel, Legler’s Ch., Quatrochess, Sava’s Game, Supercapablanca Ch., Tri-Ch. IV

Chancellor, Grand — Valentine’s Ch.

Chancellor, Lord —

Chaplain — Grosses Konigs-spiel

Chariot — Changgi, Chaturanga, Decimal Oriental Ch., Great Ch., Mongolian Ch., Shataranja, Xiangqi

Chemical Weapons — International

Cheshire Cat — Cheshire Cat Ch.

Chevalier — Mideast Ch.

Chief Constable — Tournoi

Chief Minister — Baroda Ch.

Chief Of Army — Baroda Ch.

Chief Of HQ — Victrix

Chief Of Police —

Chief, Police —

Child — Mongolian Ch., ‘Zaza’ in Samantsy

Chimæra — Chimæra Ch.

Chimærine — Chimæra Ch.

Circe — Circe Ch., GFC

Citizen — Baroda Ch.

Colonel — Drapeaux, Grosses Konigs-spiel, Occupation

Colonel, Artillery — Victoire

Colonel, Cavalry — Victoire

Colonel, Engineer — Victoire

Colonel, Infantry — Victoire

Commander — Baroda Ch., Cr-isis, Decimal Oriental Ch., Emperor Ch. I, Sava’s Game

Commander-In-Chief — Victrix

Commando — Brinkmanship

Commoner — Checkers

Concubine — Duke of Rutland’s Ch.

Conquistador — Mounted Swordsman. < Mexican Ch.

Constable, Chief — Tournoi

Cook — Cheskers

Coordinator — Renaissance Ch., Ultima

Co-Pieces — Simoco

Counselor — Chaturanga, Courier, Great Ch., Grosses Konigs-spiel, Xiangqi

Count — Riga Ch.

Courier — Diagonal rider; term for Bishop. Fil and Courier co-existed in Europe (1200-1500 AD). Fil did not survive "period of Muslim Ch.." [0750-1500 AD]. < Courier, Grosses Konigs-spiel

Courtesan — Chakra

Courtier — Mideast Ch.

Cowboy — GFC.

Crab [Foza] — Madagascan Ch.

Cripple —

Crocodile — Congo, Grande Acedrex, Timur’s Great Ch.

Crown —

Crown Prince — Shataranja

Crowned Rook — Duke of Rutland’s Ch.

Cuirassier — a mounted soldier wearing a cuirass or breastplate. Guerre I, Prussian National Ch., Silberschmidt’s Game

Currier [‘Courier’] — Courier

Cyclic Bishop — GFC.

Cyclic Pieces — GFC.

Dabbaba — Betza’s Ch., Citadel, Cubic Ch. I, Escalation, Full Ch., GFC, Great Ch., Parton Ch., Shataranja, Timur’s Cubic Ch., Timur’s Great Ch.

Dabbabante — Dabbabante Ch.

Dabbaba-Rider — Betza’s Ch., Escalation, GFC

Dabbaba-Rider-Hopper — GFC.

Dama Cacica — Cuban Chaturang

Damate — Damate

Damate, Advancing — Damate

Damate, Diagonal — Damate

Damate, Major — Damate

Damate, Minor — Damate

Damate, Orthogonal — Damate

Dame — Braithwaite’s Game, Dreadnought Ch., Mephisto, Mexican Ch., Schachdame

Damka [King] — Byelorussian Cheskers

Damsel [Type Of Pawn] — Enchantment

Daughtsman — Byelorussian Cheskers

Davidson [Chancellor] — Capablanca Ch.

Day — opposite of Knight, moves to any sq. a Knight can’t reach.

Deacon — Bates’ Game

Death — Enchantment

Decurion — Arch Ch. I

Defender — Chessball

Defenses — Gerard Ch.

Demi-Bishop — GFC.

Demi-Gorgon — Demigorgon Ch.

Demi-Queen — GFC.

Der — Ethiopian Ch. [Senterej]

Detonator — Bombalot

Devaratha [Chariot Of God] — Gosai Ch.

Devil — Mad

Diagonal Damate — Damate

Dinosaur — Megasaur Ch.

Dinosaurus — GFC.

Diplomat — GFC, Seven-handed Xiangqi

Division, Tank — Victrix

Dog — Cuban Chaturang

Don — A Spanish nobleman or gentleman. < ?

Donnacavallo — Amazon Ch.

Double Knight — GFC.

Double Knight Pawn — Ulti-matem

Double Zombie — Zombie Ch.

Double-Grasshopper — GFC.

Double-Move Queen — GFC.

Dragon — Camps, GFC, Kriegsfeld Ch., Royal Fury, 2000 AD

Dragoon — heavily armed mounted trooper. Guerre I, Strategie

Draughtsman — Chesica, Jesskers

Dreadnought — Dreadnought Ch.

Duellist — Duellist Ch.

Duke — Capablanca Ch., Greater Ch., Valentine’s Ch., Vincere Mori

Dummy Pawn — GFC.

Dwarf — Tournoi

Earl — Valentine’s Ch.

Edgehog — Captures, moves and checks as Q, but only from/to square on edge of board. < Edgehog Ch., GFC

Elephant — Baroda Ch., Burmese Ch., Cambodian Ch., Chaturaji, Chaturanga, Ciccolini’s Game, Congo, Decimal Oriental Ch., Great Ch., Korean Ch. [Changgi], Persian Ch. III, Shataranja, Xiangqi

Elephant, Fil — 2,2 Shadranji Leaper.

Elephant, Gaja — Chaturangan t

Elf [Alfil] — Maharajah II

Emperor — Chakra, Emperor Ch., Enchantment, Sic ‘em Europe

Empire — Mad

Empress — Amazon Ch., Bates’ Game, Carrera’s Ch., Chakra, Empire Ch., Empress Ch. II, GFC, Legler’s Ch., Sic ‘em Europe, 2000 AD

Engineer — Gerard Ch.

Engineer Colonel — Victoire

Ensign — Enlarged and Improved Ch., Falcon-Hunter Ch., Siege d’Anvers

Equerry — Bird’s Ch., Carrera’s Ch.

Equigrasshopper — GFC.

Equihopper — Hops over one man of either color to a square beyond that man so that man is the mid-point of line joining centers of initial and final squares of Equihopper’s move. Equihopper has color disadvantage and there are 48 squares on an 8x8 board it can never visit. < GFC, Jelliss’ Game

Escort — Gerard Ch.

Esquire —

Exchanger — Exchanger Ch.

Falcon — Decimal Falcon-Hunter, Falcon-Hunter Ch.

Falcon; Bishop/Rook Hunter — GFC.

Faras — Shadranji War Horse = m.

Farmakia — Game of Empire

Farmer — Conversion II

Fate — The Fates (The Moirae) — Three powerful goddesses who determined the lives of men. Clotho wove the thread of life, Lachesis measured it out, and Atropos cut it off with her scissors of death. < Enchantment.

Favourite — See Bar-Centaur.

Feresenya — Ethiopian Ch. [Senterej]

Fers — Attama, Betza’s Ch., Burmese Ch., Cubic Ch. I, Decimal Ch. II, Escalation, Ethiopian Ch. [Senterej], Galactic Ch., GFC, Modern Courier Ch., a Parton in Parton Ch., Quatrochess, Talkhand’s Ch., Timur’s Cubic Ch.

Fers-Rider — Escalation

Fighter — Wehr-schach

Fighter Unit — Space Hexchess

Fil — Shadranji Elephant. 2,2 Leaper. See also BISHOP; Courier.

File-Hopper — A Rook-hopper confined to one file. GFC.

File-Rider, Filerider — Rook’s movement Handicapped to one file. GFC.

First Proletarian Leader — International

Firz — 1,1 piece; Shadranj. Cf. Mantri, Counselor.

Firzan — Byzantine Ch., Shatranj

Fischer — Liberation Ch.. Leaps with 4-square radius

Fish — Cambodian

Five-Leaper — Moves: 0-5 Leap, 3-4 Leap. GFC.

Five-Rider-Hopper — "Five-Hopper." GFC.

Flag — Camps, Cu-bono, Drapeaux

Flagcar — Great Ch.

Fool — Courier, Great Ch.

Fool, Schleich, Sneak, Spy — Courier, Modern Courier Ch.

Footman — Apocalypse

Fortress — Pacific Ch.

Four, Ranger — Rangers Ch.

Fox — Wolf Ch.

Foza [Crab] — Madagascan Ch.

Fury — Royal Fury, 2000 AD

Fusilier — soldier armed with fusil [light flintlock musket]. Camps, Guerre, Prussian National Ch., Siege d’Anvers

Gaja — Chaturangan Elephant

Gala — Gala

Gazelle — Great Ch.

General — various, including Q+N [‘Amazon’]. < Brinkmanship, Burmese Ch., Ciccolini’s Game, Cu-bono, Das Kaiserspiel, Emperor’s Game, GFC, Korean Ch. [Changgi], Occupation, Paulovits’ Game, Seven-Handed Xiangqi, Sultan’s Game, Supercapablanca Ch., Victoire, Xiangqi; Military Ch [III], Novo-Schaakspel

Genius — Genius I

Gentleman — Riga Ch.

Ghost — GFC, Ghost Ch., Phantom Ch., Vanishing Ch.

Ghostrider — Ghostrider Ch.

Giraffe — Congo, Cubic Ch. I, GFC, Grande Acedrex, Great Ch., Quatrochess, Timur’s Cubic Ch., Timur’s Great Ch.

Giraffe-Rider — GFC.

Giraffe-Rider-Hopper — GFC.

Gnu — GFC.

Goalkeeper — Chessball

Gold General — Betza’s Ch.

Golem — Bogart’s Ch.

Gorgon — "Grim Ones." They were three monstrous daughters of the sea god Phorcys and Ceto. They could change men to stone at a glance. The Gorgons faces and figures were truly beautiful but they were terrifying, dragon-like creatures, covered with golden scales and having hissing snakes for hair. Two of the Gorgons, Stheno (strength) and Euryale (wide sea), were immortal; Medusa however could be killed. Perseus killed Medusa and brought back her head, with the help of Hermes and Athena. From Medusa’s blood sprang Pegasus, her ‘son’ by the god Poseidon. [Their triplet sisters, the Graeae, guarded the way to the Gorgon's home beyond the sea, almost at the end of night; The three "old women" or "gray ones". They are the daughters of Phorcys (a son of Gaia and Pontus) and Ceto (his sister). The Graeae are the sisters and guardians of the Gorgons. They were gray-haired from birth and have only one eye and one tooth between them. They are Enyo ("horror"; coincidentally ‘Raiding Falcon’ in Shogi Variants), Deino ("dread") and Pemphredo ("alarm").] Gorgons < Gorgon Ch., Royal Fury, 2000 AD. There are no ‘Graeae’ in Chess.

Gorgon, Demi- — Demigorgon Ch.

Gorgona — Demigorgon Ch., Gorgon Ch.

Government — Space Hexchess

Governor — Baroda Ch., Xiangqi

Grand Bishop — GFC.

Grand Chancellor — Valentine’s Ch.

Grand Queen — GFC.

Grand Vizier — ‘Grosswesir’ in Wesirspiel

Grasshopper — GFC, Grasshopper Ch. I, Jelliss’ Game, Scorpion Ch.

Grasshopper n — GFC.

Grasshopper, Double- — GFC.

Grasshopper, Halma- — GFC.

Great Cavalry — Gerard Ch.

Great Queen — Great Ch.

Great-Bishop — Chezz

Great-King — Chezz

Great-Knight, Poppeian — Chezz

Great-Knight, Savian — Chezz

Great-Queen — Chezz

Great-Rook — Chezz

Greek — Troy

Grenadier — Drapeaux, Siege d’Anvers

Griffin — GFC.

Griffon — GFC.

Gryphon — ‘Aanca’ in Grande Acedrex; Gryphon Ch. GFC

Guard — Bird’s Ch., Carrera’s Ch., Decimal Oriental Ch., Enlarged & Improved Ch., Falcon-Hunter Ch., Korean Ch. [Changgi], Pacific Ch., Silberschmidt’s Game, Xiangqi. See also Counselor; Mandarin

Guard, King’s — Guerre I

Guard, Queen’s — Bird’s Ch.

Guard, Royal — [listing between Silberschmidt’s Game and Space Hexchess], Silberschmidt’s Game

Guardian — Decimal Ch. II, Fourth Dimension

Gulag — Mad

Gun — Chess-Battle, Cu-bono; ‘Basy’ in Madagascan Ch. [Samantsy]

Halma-Grasshopper — GFC.

Harpy — Royal Fury

Hatter — see Rettah

Hauptfigur — Wehr-Schach

Hausfrau — Neunerschach

Hector — Troy

Herald — Grosses Konigs-spiel

High Pawn — Reform Ch. II [Oberbauer]

Hippogriff — Ecila, GFC

Hippopotamus — GFC.

Hipposaur — Megasaur Ch.

Hopper — Linear Ch.

Hopper, Alfil-Rider- — GFC.

Hopper, Balloon- — GFC.

Hopper, Bishop; See Bishopper — GFC.

Hopper, Camel-Rider- — GFC.

Hopper, Dabbaba-Rider- — GFC.

Hopper, Equi- — GFC.

Hopper, File- — GFC.

Hopper, Five-Rider- — GFC.

Hopper, Giraffe-Rider- — GFC.

Hopper, Night- — GFC.

Hopper, Night-Rider- — GFC.

Hopper, One- — Ludus Chessunculus

Hopper, Rank- — GFC.

Hopper, Rook- — GFC.

Hopper, Root-50-Rider- — GFC.

Hopper, Two- — Ludus Chessunculus

Hopper, Unicorn- — GFC.

Hopper, Victory- — GFC.

Hopper, Zebra-Rider- — GFC.

Horn — Mad. "Drop"?

Horsa — Gala

Horse — Baroda Ch., Betza’s Ch., Burmese Ch., Cambodian Ch., Chaturaji; ‘Asva’ in Chaturanga; Korean Ch. [Changgi]; a ‘Farasy’ in Madagascan Ch., Shataranja, Xiangqi

Horseman — Apocalypse, Camps, Military Ch [III], Riga Ch.

Hova — Madagascan Ch. [Samantsy]

HQ — Chess-battle

HQ, Chief Of — Victrix

Hunter — Rook/Bishop Hunter. Moves forward as Rook, backward as Bishop. < Decimal Falcon-Hunter, Falcon-Hunter Ch., GFC, Loonybird Ch.

Hussar — Guerre I, Prussian National Ch., Reform Ch. I, Silberschmidt’s Game, Strategie. member 15th C., Hungarian-style light cavalry unit.

Hydra — GFC.

Imitante Queen — a combined piece or a Capturing HANDICAP. < Imitante Queen Ch.

Imitator — cannot check, obstruct, capture or be captured. Can be obstructed. Traditionally Neutral. may take Leaping Power. < Bombalot, GFC, Imitator Ch., Renaissance Ch.

Imitator Queen — moves as Imitator. May also move independently.

Immobilizer — Bombalot, Immobilizer Ch., Renaissance Ch., Ultima

Immortal, The — Indian games

Infantry — Brinkmanship, Chaturanga, Gerard Ch., Strategie, Victrix, Wehr-Schach

Infantry Colonel — Victoire

Infantry Unit — Space Hexchess

Infantry, Light — Grosses Konigs-spiel

Infantryman — Brinkmanship, Military Ch [III]

Invisible Man — GFC, Invisible Ch. I

Jabberwocky — Jabberwocky Ch.

Janus —

Jekyll-And-Hyde Pieces — Norwegian Ch.

Jibber — GFC.

Joker — GFC.

Joker King — GFC.

Judge — Decimal Ch. I, Great Ch., Mock Ch. I

Juggernaut — Chaos I

Jumper — Linear Ch., Royal Fury

Kamikaze — Any piece that is removed when it captures. GFC

Kampa — Gala

Kangaroo — GFC.

King — A ‘Wazir+Fers’, with Royalty HANDICAP. Regional Variations: Rajah [Chaturanga], Shah [Shadranj], etc.

King — GFC.

King, Great- — Chezz

King, Joker — GFC.

King, Letzen — GFC.

King, Nostalgic — GFC.

King, Protean — GFC.

King, Vaulting — GFC.

King; Damka — Byelorussian Cheskers

King’s Guard — Guerre I

King’s Pawn [Pion Du Roi] — New Ch. II

Kinglet — Kinglet Ch.

Knibis — Thinktank Ch.

Knight — 1,2 (2,1) leaper. "Moves direct from one square to another, as if they were adjacent." Representative of Cavalry. [Cf., Chaturangan Asva, Cavalier, Horse, Shadranji Faras, etc.

Knight — GFC.

Knight, Double — "Knight that may continue with 1 more Kt-leap in outward direction, but not to square that a Nightrider may visit. It captures an adverse man standing on its final landing square." "a Knight that, after its first normal leap, may continue with one more leap to any of the 7 available Kt-tour squares excluding switchback to its original square. [Appears to be a Hydra.] Differs from Griffon in not having color HANDICAP and in not permitting switchback." GFC

Knight, Great-, Poppeian — Chezz

Knight, Great-, Savian — Chezz

Knight, Master —

Knight, Pocket — Pocket Knight Ch.

Knight-Mover/Rook-Capturer; Schutze; Sniper — GFC.

Knightrider — Knightrider Bouncy

Kniroo — Thinktank Ch.

Korna — Gala

Kotwal[a] [‘Police Chief’] — Atranj, Shataranja

Kulak[s] — International

Lady — Rigu[?] Ch.

Lama — Tibetan Ch. III

Lambeth — Capablanca

Lancer — Partnership Four-Hand Ch.

Laser Piece — GFC.

Latent Pawn — GFC.

Leader —

Leader Of Proletariat — International

Leaper — Renaissance Ch.

Leaper, Five- — GFC.

Leaper, Root-50- — GFC.

Leaper, Victory — GFC.

Leo — Akenhead’s Ch., GFC, Lion Ch.

Letzen King — GFC.

Liaison Officer — Seven-Handed Xiangqi

Lieutenant — Occupation

Light Infantry — Grosses Konigs-spiel

Lion — Congo, GFC, Grande Acedrex, Great Ch., Jelliss’ Game, Timur’s Great Ch.

Locust — Edgehog Ch., GFC

Longleaper — Baroque, Bogart’s Ch., Ultima

Lord Mayor — Mock Ch. I

Lord, Time — Fourth Dimension

Lunette — Siege d’Anvers

Machinegun — Chess-Battle, Victrix

Magic Piece — GFC.

Magnetic Queen — GFC.

Maharajah — Maharajah I

Major — Drapeaux, Grosses Kongis-spiel, Occupation

Major Damate — Damate

Mammoth — GFC.

Man — Counselor. Moves as King. < Courier, Modern Courier Ch., Sjakti

Man, Double-Move —

Man, Invisible — GFC, Invisible Ch. I

Man, Old —

Man, Red Cross — GFC.

Mandarin — Xiangqi

Mann — Quatrochess

Mantri; Counselor —

Mao — Akenhead’s Ch., GFC, Lion Ch.

Marine — Cr-isis

Marquis — Vincere Mori

Mars — Enchantment

Marshal[l] — ‘Lambeth’ in Capablanca Ch., Carrera’s Ch., Grand Ch., Grosses Kongis-spiel, Neunerschach, Siege d’Anvers, Sultan’s Game

Masterknight I — Chezz

Masterknight II — Chezz

Mayor, Lord —

Mechanical Weapons — International

Medeq — Ethiopian Ch. [Senterej]

Mermaid — GFC.

Mimic — Mimic Ch. I

Mimotaur — a Minotaur that mimics. < Mimotaur Ch., Royal Fury, 2000 AD

Minister — Airplane Ch., Decimal Oriental Ch., Great Ch., Shataranja, Xiangqi

Minister, Chief — Baroda Ch.

Minister, Prime — Modern Ch. II

Minor Damate — Damate

Minotaur —

Minotaurus — GFC.

Missile — Cu-bono, Galactic Ch., Missile Ch., Stratomic

Monarch — Chaos I, Vincere Mori

Monarch Butterfly — Chaos I

Monk — Chakra, Valentine’s Ch.

Monkey — Monkey Ch.

Mortar — Strategie

Moslon — <Mad. Apparently a Piece and a Game.

Mother Nature — Enchantment

Mother Unit — Invisible Ch. I

Motor Vehicle — Russian Ch. II

Movable Wall — Maze Ch.

Moveless Pawn — GFC.

Mpanjaka — Madagascan Ch.

Mummy — Mummy Ch.

Narwhal — Ecila

Nature, Mother — Enchantment

Negotiator — Cr-isis

Negus — Ethiopian Ch. [Senterej]

Nemesis — Nemesis Ch.

Nerey, Cacique —

Neutral Pawn — GFC.

Neutralizer — Unorthodox Ultima

Night —

Nighthopper — "must hop over man of either color at distance of 1,2 (2,1) to a landing square at a distance of 2,4 (4,2). It is equivalent of Equihopper Handicapped only to one Kt-type hop; or of Night-Rider-Hopper Handicapped only to its first hop." Night-Rider-Hopper Handicapped to arriving at the second leap of its riding-line. "moves with multiple Knight Leaps always in same line as first leap until it is stopped by block or by edge of board." "A N that may continue its Knight-leaps, always in same direction, until it captures or is blocked." < GFC

Night-Rider — Betza’s Ch., Decimal Falcon-Hunter, Edgehog Ch., Escalation, Five-Rider Ch., GFC, Jelliss’ Game, Nightrider Ch., Wolf Ch.

Night-Rider-Hopper — GFC.

Noble — Peasant’s Revolt I

Nobleman — Pacific Ch.

Nostalgic King — GFC.

Nuisance — Nuisance Ch. - neutral man

Oberbauer [‘High Pawn’] — Reform Ch. II

Octopus — Bird’s Ch.

Officer — Drapeaux, Tetra-Schach

Officer, Liaison — Seven-handed Xiangqi

Official — Cambodian Ch.

Old Man —

Omnipotent Queen — GFC.

One, Ranger — Rangers Ch.

One-Hopper — Ludus Chessunculus

Onewocky — Jabberwocky Ch.

Opting Pawn — Jelliss’ Game

Ordnance — Gerard Ch.

Original Pawn — Timur’s Great Ch.

Orix — See Equigrasshopper. GFC.

Orphan — immobilized and powerless unless attacked, when it assumes powers of attacking man.

Orthogonal Damate — Damate

Overrunner — GFC.

Page — Puzzo, Tournoi

Pallas Athene — Troy

Panzer — Wehr-Schach

Pao — Akenhead’s Ch., GFC, Lion Ch.

Paratrooper — Brinkmanship, Conversion II

Parton, Alfil — Parton Ch.

Parton, Dabbaba — Parton Ch.

Parton, Fers — Parton Ch.

Parton, Wazir — Parton Ch.

Pasha — Paulovit’s Game

Pawn — Foot soldier. Also Baidaq, Pedati, etc. In Shadranj, promotes only to Firz.

Pawn — GFC.

Pawn [Damsel] — Enchantment

Pawn [Serf] — Enchantment

Pawn Of Pawns — Chezz

Pawn, Anti- — Allthought Ch.

Pawn, Arrow — Arrow Pawn Ch., GFC, Three-Man Ch.

Pawn, Barrier — serves as Block. moves as K. Captures men of its own color. Immune from capture except by its own king or enemy Barrier Pawn. < Kristensen’s Game

Pawn, Berlin — GFC.

Pawn, Berolina; Berlin Pawn — Moves diagonally but captures orthogonally, both forwards. It may capture another Berolina Pawn, e.p., and promotes normally on reaching promotion rank of board. ...moved forward diagonally one square at a time [or 2 for its first move], captures on/attacks the square directly ahead on file. < Allthought Ch., GFC, Lion Ch., Tactical Ch.

Pawn, Damsel — Enchantment

Pawn, Double Knight — Ulti-matem

Pawn, Dummy — GFC.

Pawn, High — Reform Ch. II [Oberbauer]

Pawn, Latent — GFC.

Pawn, Moveless — GFC.

Pawn, Neutral — GFC.

Pawn, Opting — Jelliss’ Game

Pawn, Original — Timur’s Great Ch.

Pawn, Poison —

Pawn, Promotable — GFC.

Pawn, Protean — GFC.

Pawn, Retreatable — GFC.

Pawn, Reversible — GFC.

Pawn, Super- — Cincinnati Four-Way, GFC, Superpawns Ch.

Pawn, Taxi — Taxi Ch.

Pawn, Tetra- — Tetra-Schach

Pawn, Turkish? — In Turkish Great Ch., Pawn cannot double first move and they can only promote to Queens.

Pawns, Pawn Of — Chezz

Paymaster — B+N

Peasant — Peasants’ Revolt I

People, The — International

Piece, Cavalry — Cavalry Ch.

Pieces Listing —

Pikeman — Grosses Konigs-spiel

Pilot — Universal Ch.

Pincher — Renaissance Ch.

Plague-Carrier — Plague Ch.

Pocket Knight — Pocket Knight Ch.

Police — Baroda Ch.

Police Chief —

Policeman — Mock Ch. I

Political Activist — International

Polyp — Immobile Capturing Piece on Queen Lines. GFC.

Poppeian Greatknight — [listing between Chess-Battle and Chu Shogi]

Priestess — Vincere Mori

Prime Minister — Modern Ch. II

Prince — various, including Q+N. < Baroda Ch., Great Ch., Madagascan Ch. [Samantsy], Sic ‘em Europe, Three-Dimensional Ch., ‘Adventitious King’ in Timur’s Great Ch.

Prince, Crown — Shataranja

Princess — B+N. Carrera’s Ch., Duke of Rutland’s Ch., Empire Ch., GFC, Sic ‘em Europe, Three-Dimensional Ch.

Private — Occupation

Promotable Pawn — GFC.

Protean King — GFC.

Protean Pawn — GFC.

Puller — Renaissance Ch.

Pusher — Renaissance Ch.

Pyramid — Non-capturable piece. Cannot Capture or Move. GFC.

Queen — GFC.

Queen — see also Begum

Queen Caïssa — game of Caïssa

Queen, Absolute — Amazon Ch.

Queen, Blue — Neuter Queen Ch.

Queen, Demi- — R + Demibishop. GFC

Queen, Double-Move — GFC.

Queen, Grand- — R + Grandbishop. GFC

Queen, Great- — Chezz, Great Ch.

Queen, Imitante — Imitante Queen Ch.

Queen, Imitator - —

Queen, Magnetic — GFC.

Queen, Omnipotent — Q+N. GFC

Queen, Semi- —

Queen, Tetra- — Tetra-Schach

Queen’s Guard — Bird’s Ch.

Rajah — Chaturaji, Chaturanga

Ranger — Fourth Dimension

Rangers One Thru. Four — Rangers Ch.

Rank-Hopper — Rook-hopper confined to one rank. GFC.

Rank-Rider — Rook’s movement Handicapped to one rank. GFC.

Reaper — Vincere Mori

Red Cross — Novo-Schaakspel

Red Cross Man — Piece moves only to interpose check by quickest possible route. GFC.

Reflecting Bishop — Edgehog Ch. GFC.

Regent —

Repeller — Unorthodox Ultima

Reserves — Gerard Ch.

Resurrector — Renaissance Ch.

Retreatable Pawn — GFC.

Rettah — Decimal Rettah Ch., Rettah Ch.

Reversible Pawn — GFC.

Rhino — Great Ch.

Rider — Fantasy Ch.

Rider, Alfil- — Escalation, GFC

Rider, Camel- — Five-Rider Ch., GFC

Rider, Dabbaba- — Betza’s Ch.

Rider, Fers- — Escalation

Rider, File- — GFC.

Rider, Giraffe- — GFC.

Rider, Night- — Betza’s Ch., Escalation, Five-Rider Ch., GFC

Rider, Rank- — GFC.

Rider, Root-50- — GFC.

Rider, Wazir- — Betza’s Ch., Escalation, GFC.

Rider, Zebra- — Five-Rider Ch., GFC

Rider-Hopper, Alfil- — GFC.

Rider-Hopper, Camel- — GFC.

Rider-Hopper, Dabbaba- — GFC.

Rider-Hopper, Five- — GFC.

Rider-Hopper, Giraffe- — GFC.

Rider-Hopper, Night- — GFC.

Rider-Hopper, Root-50- — GFC. "Root-50-Hopper."

Rider-Hopper, Zebra- — GFC.

Riding Wazir —

Rifleman — Gerard Ch.

Ritter — Schachdame

Rocket — Cr-isis

Roobis — Thinktank Ch.

Rook — Boat, Castle, Gaja [Chaturangan Elephant], Ratha [Chariot], Rocco, Rukh [Armed Chariot], Tower, War Chariot and Wazir- Rider [‘Riding Wazir’]

Rook — GFC.

Rook, Arrow — GFC.

Rook, Crowned — Duke of Rutland’s Ch.

Rook, Great- — Chezz

Rook, Hopping — Rook-hopper.

Rook/Bishop Hunter — GFC.

Rook-Capturer, Bishop-Mover/; — GFC.

Rook-Capturer, Knight-Mover/; Schutze; Sniper — GFC.

Rookhopper — GFC, Jelliss’ Game

Rookni — Thinktank Ch.

Root-50-Leaper — GFC.

Root-50-Rider — GFC.

Root-50-Rider-Hopper — GFC.

Roshop — Semi-Queen Ch.

Rotary — Rotary

Row-Runner — Chaos I

Royal Guard — Silberschmidt’s Game

Royal, Centaur — Centaur Royal

Ruhbird — Great Ch.

Rukh — Shadranji t

Runner — Linear Ch.

Saba — Ethiopian Ch. [Senterej]

Samurai — Chakra

Sapper — ‘military specialist in field fortification work and/or who lays, detects and disarms mines.’ < Siege d’Anvers, Victrix

Satel — Mad

Savian Greatknight — [listing between Chess-Battle and Chu Shogi]

Schleich, Fool, Sneak, Spy — Courier, Modern Courier Ch.

Schutze; B-Mover/R-Capturer; Kt-Mover/R-Capturer; Sniper — GFC.

Scout — Mafeking Kriegsspiel

Scythe — Rotary

Semi — Cuban Chaturang

Sentinel — Timur’s Great Ch.

Serf [Type Of Pawn] — Enchantment

Sergeant — Wolf Ch.

Serpent — GFC.

Shah — Shadranji l; Shadranj.

Shatra — Shatra

Ship — Russian Ch. II

Ship, Boatmen — Chaturangan 2,2 Leaper.

Simopieces — Simochess

Small Arms — International

Snatch — Jabberwocky Ch.

Sneak, Fool, Schleich, Spy — Moves like a Wazir. Courier, Modern Courier Ch.

Sniper; B-Mover/R-Capturer; Kt-Mover/R-Capturer; Schutze — GFC.

Soldier — Burmese Ch., Chaturagji, Drapeaux, Grosses Konigs-spiel, Korean Ch. [Changgi], Silberschmidt’s Game, Xiangqi

Spartan — Troy

Spear — Courier

Spearman — Fantasy Ch.

Springer — Unambiguous Three-Symbol Ch.

Sputnik — Sputnik Ch.

Spy, Fool, Schleich, Sneak — Assassin Kriegsspiel, Courier, Modern Courier Ch., Novo-Schaakspel

Squire — Arch Ch. II, Bates’ Game, Capablanca Ch., Valentine’s Ch.

Squirk — Double King Ch. I

Squirrel — Arch Ch. I, Bear Ch., Betza’s Ch., Cincinnati Four-Way, GFC

Stag — Great Ch.

Stepper — Linear Ch.

Submarine — Cr-isis, Novo-Schaakspel

Superpawn — Cincinnati Four-Way, GFC, Superpawns Ch.

Switcher — Chaos I

Sword — Chakra

Taino — Cuban Chaturang

Talia — "Moves diagonally but not to nearest diagonal square; it leaps." May be "missing link" between Fil and Bishop. Also called a Ski-Piece. Other Ski-Pieces could be invented. < Timur’s Great Ch.

Tank — Atomic Ch., Bombalot, Brinkmanship, Chess-Battle, Cu-bono, GFC, Novo-Schaakspel, Russian Ch. II, Suttles Ch.; Tank Ch. I-III; Universal Ch.

Tank Division — Victrix

Tank Unit — Space Hexchess

Taxi, Taxi Pawn — Pawn that may play 1-3 steps forward from initial position, and also 1 step backwards [but not back beyond initial array rank.] On reaching its 8th rank it may promote or remain a Taxi and play backwards to its initial array rank [but it no longer has the right to a 2- or 3-step forward 1st move]. Captures as Pawn. May capture another Taxi e.p. after latter’s 3-step move [Xa2-a5, Xb5 x a4]. The normal e.p. capture is also available [Xa2-a4,Xb4 x a3]. Symbol: X. < GFC, Taxi Ch.

Temdek — Shatra

Templar — Valentine’s Ch.

Terror — GFC.

Tetra-Pawn — Tetra-Schach

Tetra-Queen — Tetra-Schach

Three, Ranger — Rangers Ch.

Threewocky — Jabberwocky Ch.

Thurrow — Thurrow Ch.

Time — Enchantment

Time Lord — Fourth Dimension

Tove — Jabberwocky Ch.

Transporter — Transporter Ch.

Triangle — Chaos I

Trident — Rotary

Trizebra — GFC.

Trojan — Troy

Tweedledee — Twin Orthodox

Tweedledum — Twin Orthodox

Tweke — Bombalot

Twin — Gemini I

Two, Ranger — Rangers Ch.

Two-Hopper — Ludus Chessunculus

Twowocky — Jabberwocky Ch.

Udtabegum [‘Flying Queen’] — Atranj

Unicorn — Cubic Ch. I, GFC, Grande Acedrex, Great Ch., Six-Dimensional Ch., Triangular Ch. I, 2000 AD

Unicorn-Hopper — GFC.

Unit, Bomber — Space Hexchess

Unit, Fighter — Space Hexchess

Unit, Infantry — Space Hexchess

Unit, Mother — Invisible Ch. I

Unit, Tank — Space Hexchess

Urdabeg [< Udtabegum] — Atranj

Vahoaka — Madagascan Ch.

Vampire — Cuban Chaturang

Vao — Bishop "but captures only by hopping over one man of either color to any square beyond." Leo Family. < Akenhead’s Ch., GFC, Lion Ch.

Vaulting King — GFC.

Vehicle, Motor — Russian Ch. II

Victory Hopper — GFC.

Victory Leaper — GFC.

Victuals — Gerard Ch.

Viscount — Valentine’s Ch.

Visier, Vizier — Firz, Firzan, Vizir - Bates’ Game, Persian Ch. IV, Reform Ch. I; In Turkish Great Ch. = B+N.

Vizier, Grand — ‘Grosswesir’ in Wesirspiel

Vorona — Madagascan Ch.

Vulnerable, The — Astral Battle

Wall — Maze Ch.

Warrior — Chess-Battle, Fourth Dimension

Wazir — Betza’s Ch., Courier, Decimal Ch. II, Escalation, Galactic Ch., GFC, Great Ch., Parton Ch., Quatrochess, Shataranja, Timur’s Great Ch.

Wazir-Rider — Betza’s Ch., Escalation GFC.

Weapons, Chemical — International

Weapons, Mechanical — International

Wesir [Wazir] — Wesirspiel

Wildebeest — Wildebeest Ch.

Withdrawer — Renaissance Ch., Ultima, Withdrawer Ch.

Wizard — Fantasy Ch., Valentine’s Ch., Wizard Ch.

Wolf — Wolf Ch.

Wyvern — Ecila, Wyvern Ch.

X-Forward/Y-Back Pieces —

Ximæra — 2000 AD

Ximera — Royal Fury

X-Mover, Y-Capturer Pieces — R-B, B-R, etc.

Zaza [Child] — Samantsy

Zebra — Cavalry Ch., Congo, GFC

Zebra, Tri- — GFC.

Zebra-Rider — Five-Rider Ch., GFC

Zebra-Rider-Hopper — GFC.

Zek[s] — Game of Empire

Zeppelin — GFC.

Zero — ‘Stationary move.’ Cannot check, capture; can be captured. < GFC, Ms. Alice Ch.

Zombie — Reincarnation Ch., Zombie Ch.

Zombie, Double — Zombie Ch.

Zurafa — Shataranja


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