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Privacy Policy

Private vs. Public Information

When you join, we require you to verify your identity with either an email address or an OpenID. We keep this information in our database in case you lose your password, so that you can use it to verify ownership of your account when you need to. By default, these will be displayed on your Person Information page. But you are given the option to keep each of these private, which will keep them from being displayed on your Person Information page. If you choose to keep your email or your OpenID private, we will not release them to anyone else without your prior permission unless forced to by law. If you choose to display your email address, it will be kept safe from spiders and robots by being displayed as a script-generated CAPTCHA, using random fonts, positions, angles, sizes, colors, and chess dingbats. A link is not provided to your email address unless someone enters it as the answer to the email CAPTCHA.

All other information you provide about yourself will be considered public. This includes, but is not limited to, information you post in page comments, Game Courier comments, and subject threads, as well as any content you contribute to the site.


Two cookies are used to identify members. One is a session cookie. This just identifies a session stored on the server. When you are logged in, your personal details (name, userid, email, and OpenID) will be stored in a session. The other cookie records your userid, so that when you are not logged in, it is easier for you to log in right away. Neither cookie contains private information about you. Any private information is in the session, not the cookies.

We do not use these cookies to track your use of our site. We use them simply to provide you with more personalized content and to make it easier for you to use the site and provide feedback.

Crediting Your Posts and Contributions

When you post comments or add other content, you will be identified by your name linked to your Person Information page (if you are a member) or your OpenID (if you are logged in with an OpenID). If you post a comment anonymously, you may enter any name you wish, but in case the need for it ever arises, your I.P. address will be recorded in the database with your comment. This will not be displayed with your comment, but it will be stored in case we need it. If you post with your UserID or OpenID, your I.P. address will not be stored with your comment.

Written by Fergus Duniho.
WWW Page Created: Tue May 04, 2012.