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Rainbowchess is a commercial chess variant, produced by a Dutch company, aimed at chess players of all ages, including children. In this variant, besides the usual pieces and board, we have a deck of cards and a number of promotion pieces.

Each turn of a player either consists of

  • Turning a card. The card then shows one of his pieces. The player places the piece on an empty square on the board. A few rules determine where the piece can be placed: pawns cannot be placed at the first or one of the two last rows (seen from the players side), and kings cannot be placed in check.
  • Making a regular chess move. This is only allowed when the king has been placed. The usual chess rules apply. When a pawn promotes, one of the four promotion pieces is used; a player can thus promote at most four pawns.
Players can also add jokers for extra possibilities to the decks. The game is won by a checkmate.

The website of Rainbowchess has information in several languages, including English, French, German, Danish, and Czech. The website contains information on events (like presentation meetings, e.g. at Dutch schools, tournaments), an online shop where you can buy sets of the game, an online program where you can play the game against yourself. The online shop offers two types of sets: Standard and basic, for prices (end 2011) around 35 and 24 euro's. The standard set is a complete game; the basic set excludes one set of standard chess pieces. In the latter case, one can then just add these from a standard set game. Also, packs of four sets are sold with a discount (school and club set).

For more information, see the website of Rainbowchess.



Some history

The website on Rainbowchess gives information on the history of the game. It was invented by father and son Jozias en Melchior Hillenkamp; the first prototype was tested in 2009. Currently, the game has a growing network of players and distributors in several European countries.
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This webpage was written by Hans Bodlaender. Raindropchess is a protected trademark, owned by its company.
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