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Link to: Janus Chess Blitz Tournament

News from Joerg Knappen:

There is a European Janus chess club, called Europaeischer Janusschachverein, located in Saarbruecken, Germany. It was founded in 1999.

It has a web page on (in german only, as far as I can see). The inventor of Janusschach was Werner Schoendorf.

There is a Janusschach Blitz tournament on the Freizeitmesse (holiday fair) in Saarbruecken on March, 1st 2002. One can register for that tournament on the website mentioned above.

The daily newspaper "Saarbruecker Zeitung" has published three Janusschach problems as contests recently.

Janus Chess Blitz Tournament:

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Posted by David Howe.
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