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Pixelpusher variant: Paulowich's Chancellor chess

Paulowich's Chancellor chess is a chess variant, proposed by David Paulowich, featuring a piece that moves like rook or knight. Here you see an applet that plays this variant with the strength of the Pixelpusher program: i.e., it is mostly a challenge to lose from this program.

This only works with Java enabled browsers.

More information

See the index file for how to use the applet, version information, and more variants. The applet may not work with Netscape 3 or Internet Explorer 3.
WWW page and applet made by Hans Bodlaender and Eli Bachmupsky. David Paulowich invented the chess variant of the applet and noted an error in an earlier version of this webpage.
WWW page created: May 14, 1998. Last modified: September 30, 1999.