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Cruise Pawns

by Terry H Jones

"Queen targeted and locked on, sir!"


Pawns are converted to cruise missile platforms - Cruise Pawns.


  1. Except as described here, Cruise Pawns move, capture and behave as regular FIDE pawns.

  2. Any time after a pawn has made it's initial move, the owning player may declare that the carrier has fired it's missile.

  3. The launching pawn does not move during it's turn prior to firing.

  4. A launched pawn may move from zero (0) to seven (7) spaces in any direction or combination of directions with the following limitations.

  5. Each square entered by the Cruise Pawn, except it's starting and ending squares, leave it open to being shot down.

  6. Upon entering an enemy occupied square, a Cruise Pawn detonates, destroying (capturing) the opposing piece and itself.

  7. Firing a missile uses and completes a player's turn; no other moves, captures, etc. may be made.

  8. Cruise Pawns may not fire from their starting space.

  9. Missiles may detonate in their own square (move zero squares). The owning player does not capture anything, but he does lose the pawn.



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