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This page is written by the game's inventor, Jens Niemann.


Feint Chess

A revolutionary simple chess variant.

The Idea very simple. Every second piece is unable to capture - it just threatens.

The Rules

1. Set-Up

Each player secretly marks eight pieces plus the king as 'capturing'. At least four of these must be pawns. Use small stickers on the backside of the pieces, so the opponent does not see them.

2. Beating

If a piece attempts to capture an opponent's piece, reveal both piece's markers. The piece captures successfully if it has a marker. If it has no marker, the attempting piece is instead removed. Clarification: A piece without marker attempting to capture cannot succeed (and is instead itself removed thereafter), even if the opposing piece has no marker either. Only marked pieces can 'successfully capture'.


1. Check

Every piece can put the king in check, whether it is marked or not, even if its unmarked status is known. The king cannot remain in check or move into check, just as normal.

2. Conversion

Converted pawns maintain their marked or unmarked status. If you replace pieces keep track of the marked status by placing the pawn in a separate box or area.

3. Revealed Status

Once the status of a piece is known, it is recommended to mark them visibly to both players. Because taking notes is allowed anytime, this is the most convenient and time-saving method.

4. Playing Tip

Don't try to capture with toothless tigers (unmarked pieces) except in emergencies (e.g. self-destruct to avoid a pawn passing diagonally) or when knowledge of an opponent's piece brings valuable information.

Have Fun

Try out this variant. It's simple but exciting. You will also see strange situations develop.

Legal Notice

This variant rules, FEINT CHESS and the FC Symbol are copyrighted © 2000 by Jens Niemann of Böblingen, Germany. No commercial use without authorization.

This rule may be copied and distributed by any media if no fee is charged above the distribution costs, and the contents are not changed or deleted.

Contact: Jens Niemann

Written by Jens Niemann.
WWW page created: May 10, 2000.